Monday, August 18, 2008

Brady and Drew Visit Again

Drew was much more interested in his new baby sister on Monday, so much so that he wanted to hold her. He rubbed her blanket, smiled at her, and mumbled toddler words to her through his pacifier. He gave his stamp of approval (so far without realizing she's staying at the house for good) in two ways: first he said that she was a "cool baby" and second ...

by pouting about the fact he was no longer holding her. He kept saying "back" in an attempt to instruct us to let her hold her again.

Brady was excited to see Mallory again. He was even more excited that he got to feed her. His attention span on this activity was fairly short because she wasn't fully cooperating with the less than ideal positioning of the bottle. Brady is going to be a big help with Mallory (and Drew, since he's not going to understand exactly what's going on), however, Jill has already predicted that he's going to ask a million questions. Or more precisely, the same questions a million times..."Why is she crying? What's wrong with her?"
We anticipate that Jill and Mallory will come home on Tuesday, so that is when we will truly start to see how Drew will react, if Brady's excitement wanes, and how the dogs will respond to dealing with another baby (they were already sniffing my shirt when I came home). Brady is really wanting everyone home from the hospital because he remembers that he got a toy when Drew was brought home and expects one when Mallory gets here.

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