Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our first night at home...

was uneventful, which is a good thing! Mallory is still sleeping all the time except when she gets her diaper changed or needs to eat. She is definitely spoiling us thus far! She sucks down her bottle and had no trouble changing from the bottles in the hospital to what we have here at home. That might seem trivial, but Drew gave us grief about things like that from the beginning, so we are very appreciative of even the little things! (Of course, I even hate to put anything like that in writing, for fear it will come back and bite me in the butt.) She has slept in her bouncy seat, in the crib, and with me in the recliner. I think I am several days from being comfortable enough to sleep in my own bed, so rather than have to get up and down to check on her, I decided it would be easiest to keep her with me.

I am trying very hard today to take it easy and do nothing around the house. Most of you know how difficult that is for me!! I am feeling better each day, but my feet are very swollen even after sleeping with them propped up all night. I'm sure that will get better as time goes on, though.

Tomorrow we will take Mallory in for a jaundice check, although I don't expect any issues. Her numbers were not that high at the hospital, and she has been eating well, but better safe than sorry. Then, Friday Tasha will come to take her newborn pics. I am very excited about this!! The pics I've taken have sufficed, but I don't think they do her justice... not that I'm prejudiced or anything.

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