Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Three weeks and counting...

This pic is already several weeks old, but it's the best I've got.

I am scheduled to go in for an induction on Sept. 4 to have the baby, unless she decides to come before then... Neither of the boys were early, so I'm not holding my breath on that one! I'm definitely feeling like it's the end of the pregnancy, but I can't say I'm miserable, so that's something. Honestly, I hope she holds out so the boys can start "school" that first week without the chaos of me being in the hospital or a newborn at home.

It's been fun hearing some of the names people have come up with this time around! For those of you who don't know, we keep the name a secret until he/she arrives. We're way too practical to not find out the sex of the baby, so this is one thing we can keep a surprise. I've known the name a lot longer than with either of the boys, so I am more than ready to share and have almost slipped and said it several times.

My next doctor's appointment will be coming up Monday, so I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes.

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