Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An uneventful day...

was what we had today. I think that's good considering the past couple weeks! Mallory is doing well. She is awake more and more, but still sleeps most of the day and night away... Both boys are still enthralled with her. Drew especially is so fun to watch - the way he interacts with her is so cute. His voice goes up an octave or two when he talks to her, and he loves to point out her eyes, nose, etc. and "pet" (for lack of a better term) her on the head. He also tries to hold her bottle, but is a little too enthusiastic at this point. Brady asks to hold and feed her often, although I would say the novelty is wearing off a bit for him. But, that doesn't stop him from saying how cute she is many times a day and letting us know how glad he is that she's here.

I've spent the day pouring over Mallory's newborn pictures that we had taken last Friday. I am ordering a few portraits for the house and family members, but also announcements that I know I will be very happy with. So, I am definitely looking forward to getting those and sharing a cute pic of our little girl! If Tasha ends up posting any of her favorites on her blog, I will definitely let everyone know so you can take a peek.

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