Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Drew's first day of school

Drew really had no idea what he was in for today... but he was excited to take his new backpack! He was happy to go into his classroom with me and sit down with the toys. But, when I told him I was going to leave, he grabbed my hand right away and said no. I tried to get up but he stuck with me, so I handed him off to the teacher closest to the door. As I handed him off, she said "Run!", and I did. He was crying when I came to pick him up, but I figure that was because other Mommies were already there and he hadn't seen me yet. His teacher said he did ok - was happy for short periods of time, but would then get upset again, esp. when some of the other kids were crying. I tell you one thing - you couldn't pay me enough to be one of those teachers! When I dropped him off this morning, at least three kids were wailing and one was throwing up in the corner. God bless 'em!
Why is he standing like that you ask?? Because I was behind Bryan playing peek-a-boo to get a good smile, and apparently he was imitating me.
This pic cracks me up... I told Brady to put his arm around Drew. Drew wanted no part of that, and tripped himself in his eagerness to get away!


Karen said...

That second picture is high school yearbook material!

tasha said...

that is hilarious.. his copying you.
soo cute.