Monday, September 29, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

Bryan had to work again yesterday, so I met my mom and two aunts at the zoo. As usual, Brady was thrilled to be going anywhere out of the ordinary, and Drew didn't know what he was in for - frankly, he was just happy to put his shoes on and know that he wasn't getting left behind! Both boys did very well... Drew held onto Grandma's hand most of the time and didn't really have any meltdowns - pretty good considering we were there well into his usual naptime. By the end, he was even warming up to Aunt Jean and Aunt Joyce and let them lead him around a little bit, too. Of course, Brady's main concern was whether or not we would go to the gift shop - typical Brady! Grandma assured him that we would, so at least I didn't have to field that question the entire time we were there.

I added some pics below - more to come when I send out my album at the end of the month (or whenever it is that I find the time!).

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