Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Fun

We had the Coppolas and Soennings over to visit tonight... although we have no evidence of John & Brandie being here because we always focus on taking pics of the kids and they don't have any yet!
As you can see, Drew has finally gotten the hang of riding the car he got for his birthday. He used to only want to push it, but now sees that riding on it is much more fun! Brady and Kayla played a little bit of baseball, but the biggest hit of the night was the robot you see with Drew. This was a present from Santa last Christmas that got put away for a while and reappeared yesterday. I may have to figure out where I bought it and get one for Kayla and Nicholas! I also included a cute pic of Mallory, although it has nothing to do with our guests... just didn't want to leave her out.

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