Sunday, October 26, 2008


Brady's friend Zack - it's his first time playing soccer
He, Brady, and Kayla are all on the same team

Brady finally had his first soccer game... the season was supposed to start long ago, but the hurricane pushed the schedule back several weeks. Bryan had the camera, and I assumed he had taken many pictures, but when I went to download them, there wasn't much. The fact that he was trying to occupy Drew while I took care of Mallory probably had something to do with that.

I think Brady has made some progress from last year. He doesn't seem quite as concerned with falling down and went for the ball more than I expected. He took several spills (courtesy of #10 on the other team - all the parents were ready to go out and trip him by the end of the game), but just got back up and kept going. He almost scored a few times, but hasn't quite gotten down the idea of actually kicking the ball into the goal rather than continuing to dribble it in. Daddy, Grandpa, and I all had "constructive" things to say - we probably need to work on taking it down a notch and just telling him how well he is doing!

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