Friday, October 24, 2008


Drew has finally settled into school and has had several tear free days in a row. In fact, when Brady gets ready in the morning, he often wants to know if he is going, too, and doesn't like it when I say no. Right now he goes Mon. and Wed. and next month I am adding on Fridays since he seems to really enjoy going.

On the other hand, he has been wailing when I drop him off for jazzercise. This really surprised me the first day because he's been going there forever, and it hasn't been THAT long since I stopped going. Certainly not long enough for him to forget the same babysitter he's had there since he was six weeks old. Anyway, today as we were walking in the parking lot on our way in, he told me, "I cry no more" and sure enough, when we got to the babysitting room, he was fine. Apparently he just made up his mind that enough was enough!

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