Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brady's Weekend

Brady spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma Farris. They took him to the Texas A&M game on Saturday, and Grandma and a couple of my aunts took him to Dewberry Farms today. I was supposed to meet them there with Drew and Mallory, but Drew is just starting to feel better after having been sick all week, so I decided to stay home. Anyway, it's always interesting to hear things from Brady's perspective. I knew that my dad was planning on taking him to the driving range to use the new golf club they got Brady for his birthday. So, I asked Brady about it. He said that he was good at it, but that he was still planning on being a baseball player when he grows up. Apparently, he and my dad must have talked about this, because he proceeded to tell me that he could still play golf because baseball players were able to do that in the off season. Also, he told me that golf is a good sport because you could still play it when you are old like Grandpa... LOL!

Grandma got him a new knock knock joke book, so he tried to tell me a few on the way home. Most of them he was making up himself because he couldn't remember, but the one he thought he remembered went like this: Knock, Knock - Who's there? - Spain - Spain Who? - Spain's butt! I said, "Are you sure that's right?" He was positive it was. Bryan looked it up in the book later, and apparently the correct punchline is "Spain in the butt" which makes a little more sense!

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