Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brady's preschool xmas

I've downloaded these pics twice, and they are still out of order, so I give up on that...

Enjoying his pizza party at school - they made tortilla xmas trees, and here he is trying it... the kids got a special treat if they finished it, but Brady couldn't make it through because it had too many veggies for his liking!

At his xmas program - too bright for him, I guess. He looks like he is saluting, but that wasn't his intent!

Enjoying his party time - he was the only boy that picked one girl to dance with. Most of the others danced in a circle or with someone of the same sex. Funny what you can learn by attending these things...

Getting ready to sing at his program - he was excited to perform, as usual. It's easy to pick him out since he wanted to wear his Santa hat.

Here he finally spotted both Grandmas that came to hear him.

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