Sunday, May 31, 2009

Palm Beach

I know, we've done a lot of stuff this month!! Our summer is filling up fast, and places like the zoo and Palm Beach are so much easier with extra hands, so I'm trying to do things when I can find the help! Today was so nice because both my mom and dad went, so one adult per child... Bryan got to stay home and work around the house. We all had a great time. Drew enjoyed the lagoon the most - he liked to walk out to where just his head was above the water. For whatever reason, he thought that was a lot of fun. I think Brady enjoyed the slides and playing in the sand the most, but I didn't get that answer directly from him. I'm sure he'd be happy to tell me, but I haven't asked. Mallory's pretty easy to please - as long as you feed her, she's good to go.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day at the zoo

I thought I had picked a great day to head to the zoo - good weather and the week before all the schools are out. I forgot to factor in one thing - field trips!! There was a whole side of the parking lot dedicated to buses, so there were school kids swarming around everywhere. However, for the amount of kids I know were there, it really wasn't too bad. Everyone had a great time. Brady tells me his favorite part was getting cotton candy and riding the train.

For whatever reason, the zoo maps were a big hit today. Zack carried his around for a long time and tried to navigate his way through the zoo. After a while, Drew caught on and had to carry his. He would tell us, "I know where we going." It was so cute coming from him! Towards the end he told me he wanted to "go see the river." I'm not quite sure what he meant, although he pretty much refers to any body of water as a river right now. They must have talked about them at school... Plus, we just went to the aquarium last weekend, so maybe he was referring to that.
Mallory took a cat nap in her stroller on the way out of the zoo but then woke up right as we were getting on the train. She's quite the trooper - she got up around 6:30 a.m. and made it until she fell asleep right around 1 p.m. for 15 mins. or so. I hope this is an indication of how well she will do on vacation!

T-ball trophy

Last night we went to Brady's t-ball party at Jump 'n Jungle. The kids had a great time running around and jumping. But, of course, the highlight for Brady was getting his trophy. However, sometimes I think he is a little too perceptive for his own good. After the trophies were given out, he said to me, "Why did Coach Ray say something about all the players and not me?" I told him that I was sure it wasn't intentional... I know the coach said something when he presented Brady with his trophy, but obviously it wasn't the same kind of thing he said about some of the other players. I debated about saying something to the coach because I know he would have nothing but good to say about him, but I decided to let it go and Brady hasn't mentioned it since.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Easter layout

Now, I can't take too much credit for this layout... I saw the finished product on Karen's blog and asked her to pick me up the kit she made it from. Mine is a little different than the original - here is Karen's layout which is what the original looks like. I'm mainly posting this because I want you to see the adorable picture of Kate on the first page. FYI - I left a white box over her picture that I'm going to journal in, but I decided to wait until I had another layout done because I'm not certain what I want to write. I have so many Easter pics that I couldn't fit everything I wanted, even though a lot of pics fit in the little accordian book.

Left page
Right page The book with Kate's pic on the front folds out into six pages that spell spring...

Too cute, right? It was nice to have all the materials together I was going to use and not drag out ALL of my scrapbooking stuff...

Party at Moody

We went to a birthday party Sunday at Moody Gardens. I was looking forward to it - interested to see what a party was like there and interested to see how much Mallory enjoyed it since she hadn't been to the aquarium before. Not surprisingly, she was very fascinated! The room where they had the party had this view into one the tanks... very neat.

After hanging out in the party room for a while, we went over and got to meet a penguin. Only the birthday boy had the opportunity to take a picture with and touch the penguin, but it wouldn't have mattered because Mallory and Drew wouldn't have wanted any part of that. They started off interested in him, but once he "trumpeted" a few times, they were ready to go. It was pretty loud, and Mallory was crying after about the third time. To be fair, she was pretty tired.
After cake and presents, we then went and toured the aquarium on our own - admission into the aquarium pyramid was included with the party. It was getting pretty crowded by this time... having the party at 10 a.m. is definitely a great choice - not crowded at all when it started and by the time things are really getting busy, you're ready to call it a day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lack of appreciation

I took the kids to the park after lunch today. Let's face it - I'm not a huge fan of the park (or anything outdoors for that matter), but I was trying to do something nice for the kids. Plus, in another few weeks, it will be too hot to go and we will visit the pool instead. So, we get over there and Brady is complaining about how hot his neck is. I remind him that I've already put sunscreen on it, what else does he want me to do? He suggests putting some water on it so I tell him to feel free to do it himself. He complains about it a few more times but goes about playing with his tennis ball and racket. After we've been there probably 40 minutes, I tell them that it's about time to leave. Of course, Brady wants to know why we're leaving already even though his face is bright red and between him and Drew most of our water is gone... I tell him that it's hot and that Mallory will need a nap soon. She probably needed one before we went over there, but that's beside the point :) Anyway, so we come back home where Brady proceeds to tell me that he wished we had gone somewhere else besides "just the park." I think this is the hardest part of the summer for me - I go out of my way to try to do fun things with the kids, but it is never enough!! When they are in school, we have more of a routine and that issue doesn't seem to come up as much...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let the season of swim begin!

I'm sure that most of you wouldn't be surprised to know that Brady's been bugging me to go to the pool since it opened at the beginning of May. I held him off for a while, but decided this weekend would be a good time for our first trip. Mallory had never been to the pool before, so I needed Bryan's assistance not only with the boys, but to take some pics. We went in the evening, and it was pretty chilly out of the water. Bryan stayed a while with Mallory, and I stayed a little longer with the boys after he left with her. Drew was cold - his lips were turning blue, not that he would tell me he was cold! Drew loves his swimming lessons, so I knew he would also be excited to try out our neighborhood pool. As predicted, he wanted me to let him swim by himself - he's not quite ready for that, though! I managed to make him fairly happy by holding onto his kickboard but not actually on to him... Brady felt confident enough to swim back and forth across the pool with his kickboard, so I was happy with that. The only thing I've come to realize is that I need to get a mask for myself. Brady thinks it's great fun to do a cannonball, but someone's got to be there to catch him or at least pull him up after he goes in. Needless to say, this makes for a large amount of water in your face! Mallory enjoyed floating around in her ring - she wasn't able to do much else since the boys both require assistance...

Check out Mallory's face - it's her new "thing." She scrunches her nose up and breathes through it, so silly!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My kids love puffies!

Both Drew and Mallory are nine months old in these pics... the one of her is from just the other day.


I'm just getting around to posting some pics from last weeked - Bryan and his dad took the boys camping. Mommy, Mallory, and Mary stayed at home - a good time was had by all! This was the first camping trip for the boys, and they really enjoyed fishing, roasting marshmallows, and spending time with Daddy and Grandpa. The biggest story was that Brady saw a snake outside their tent - they also saw several alligators but were prepared to see those, whereas the snake so close to the tent was quite a surprise!

Awesome Kids' Day

Brady's last day of school was yesterday :( Today the church had a fun day for the kids, so we headed out there this morning. Since I was taking all three kids by myself, it didn't seem wise to try to take pics so I left the camera at home. The boys had a great time - I think Brady's favorite part was the sno cone and cotton candy he ate, while Drew had a great time "fishing." He didn't really care about the prizes, he just enjoyed catching the fish with his net. They also jumped in a bouncy house, rode some "cars," got tattoos, and obviously got their hair sprayed. Brady also got a baseball painted on his cheek, but it was already wearing off by the time we got home (he sweated it off is probably more accurate!). It's hard to believe summer is already here!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brady's graduation

Brady's preschool graduation was today. I went by myself - he asked if Daddy was going to come and I told him that Daddy was taking off a lot of time for our family vacation so he wasn't going to take off today. He was fine with that but also wanted to know about Mallory and Drew. I told him Drew would be at school and that I was dropping off Mallory at daycare so I could come and take pictures of his graduation. This seemed to pacify him, so all was well!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nine month check-up

Mallory was very cooperative for most of her appointment today :) She got a little upset with me at the end because I asked the nurse to put a band-aid on her finger - it was still bleeding from the prick to check for anemia... she had a hard time keeping it out of her mouth and didn't want me messing with it! She weighed in at 21 lb. 4 oz. - I was almost certain the boys didn't weigh that much at this age, and a quick check in their baby books confirms I was right. They both weighed 19 and change, and she even weighs a little more than they did on their first birthday. So, she will be moving to Drew's convertible car seat in a few weeks. We're leaving on June 6 on our family vacation, so we'll go ahead and make the change then.

The only other thing I really discussed with the doctor is a couple of bumps (for lack of a better word) I've noticed on her chest. One is substanially bigger than other, and has grown since we noticed it more than a month ago. The doctor felt it probably wasn't anything to worry about and said that many babies get similiar bumps/lumps which are basically birthmarks underneath the skin. Her only concern was that they've just appeared, as opposed to around 2-6 weeks which is the norm. So, we are going to take her to a pediatric dermatologist - better safe than sorry. Those that know me well know that I'm not a worrier... but, I am happy to get a second opinion.

Here are a few pics I took yesterday - in her frilly dress that Grandma Dinkel got her.
Silly girl!

I have very few pics of Drew at nine months... odd! The only other decent one I wanted to save for a later post...
Brady at nine months

Sunday, May 17, 2009

9 months old...yesterday!

Mallory's learned many new things this past month. She started clapping, can get herself into a sitting position, and has pulled up several times (although not a terribly far distance!). She loves to stand up now and keeps herself straight as a board when you try to get her to sit back down. She is finally getting the hang of the sippy cup and has been trying new table foods almost everyday. The biggest change for the boys is that she can really get herself around when she wants to... it's not an official crawl, sort of a combo between a crawl and a scoot. But, if she really wants to be somewhere, she can move pretty fast!

Here is something else she's learned - to put herself to sleep on the living room floor! She doesn't do this all the time, but I've found her like this at least 3-4 times - it's so cute.

Mommy's favorite development - she can hold her own bottle! She has to be reclined enough to keep hold, but I'll take it! This is especially handy when I need to run an errand after exercise because she can feed herself in the car seat. Boy, I really hope we don't outgrow the carseat as soon as I'm expecting... Tomorrow is our 9 month appointment, so we'll see how close we are to the limits.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Kelly, Brandie, and I went to the movies last night. When I went to drop off Brandie at her house, we couldn't get down to her street because clearly there had been some kind of "incident." It was dark, so it was hard to see what all the vehicles were, but there were definitely many police, other emergency vehicles, and a few news vans. She called her husband and he came out to meet her on the street - this was close to 10:30 p.m. and there were others loitering around to see what was going on. Anyway, here is what happened -

This actually happened in Magnolia Creek, which is the neighborhood behind mine if you continue heading west on League City Parkway. The article doesn't list the actual address, but Brandie's husband seemed to think it happened right around the corner from their house - he heard what he assumed were gunshots.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time flies!

I signed Brady up for kindergarten today. On one hand, it's hard to believe it's time for him to start school. On the other, he seems like he's been ready for a while - I'm sure that has to do with the fact that he will be one of the older kids in his class with a birthday in October. I imagine it will feel even faster when I have to sign up Drew... and Mallory :( Of course, by then, I'm sure I'll be ready! I can't say the thought of him going to kindergarten makes me sad at all, but maybe I'll feel differently on the first day. I didn't take him with me to sign up, but it probably would have been a good idea. They do a little "assessment", but since he wasn't with me, I signed up to do it before school starts in August. What do you think he'll remember by then?? I guess I'll have to be a good mommy and try to work with him a little! You'd think as a teacher I would be all over that, but my thought is that they get so much of school for so long that I don't want to push it at home unless it's really necessary...

Mother's Day gifts

Flowers from Bryan...

The picture frame Brady made me at school (click on the pic to see it bigger) - I was already pretty happy that Brady said I was 30 years old, then Julie told me that Zack said she was 43!! She's closer to 35, so she wasn't too thrilled :)

The bag that Drew made - a look at the front and back

I also got a few scrapbooking things - some embellishments, a book about digital scrapbooking, and a gift card to a local store. Brady and Bryan are planning on making breakfast for dinner this week since I wasn't able to eat what they had planned to make on Mother's Day!

Monday, May 11, 2009


** A quick note to say I am feeling much better today... although I was still glad I didn't have exercise and that the boys were going to school :)

Grandpa Farris came to Brady's game on Saturday and spent some quality time with Mallory.
I'm loving the continuous shooting mode on my camera - too bad I didn't discover it earlier!

Get ready...

Swing (you can see the ball to the far right)...

and Slide! Brady is ALL about sliding right now. He told me before we left the house that he was going to get dirty because he would be sliding into home. For those of you not familiar with t-ball, there are no outs, and everyone gets to come home, so it's absolutely not necessary. However, it is fun. Most of the kids last week copied Brady's example, and none of them are very good at it, so it's pretty hilarious!