Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday pics

Mallory didn't have much interest in opening her presents. She enjoyed crinkling the tissue or wrapping paper and opening her cards. Other than that, her brothers opened most everything. They were happy to do so!

I love the way their heads are together in this pic :)
I think the zebra will be a hit. Drew kept asking to ride it - I let him since he doesn't outweigh Mallory by that much... he is still wearing a good amount of 18-24 months clothes at 3 years old.
Checking out her "caterpillar" from Grandma and Grandpa Farris - I found it at a consignment shop and asked my mom if she wanted to get it for Mallory's birthday. She's not a huge fan of shopping, so she didn't think that was a bad deal.
This pretty much sums up how Mallory felt about her cake!
At the end of the party, I realized there would be no pictures of me from her birthday, so I made sure to get one.

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