Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Events of the day

I signed the boys up for soccer today - it starts mid-September and runs eight weeks. They will be on the same team, along with Zack and Kayla (assuming no one screws it up). We will also have the same coach we've had the last two seasons - he's great with the kids, so we're looking forward to it. I'm very interested to see how Drew will do and excited that they will be on the same team. After that, I went to exercise. One of the routines had push-ups in it... although we do modify them a bit. Anyway, I was very pleased with myself because I noticed the 20-something girl behind me gave up before the song was over, whereas I made it to the end. That was good for my self-confidence today :) I think I will attribute it to the few times a week I've been doing some extra upper body work at home - the video has push-ups, so I'm sure that's helped. Then, I ran to Michaels and bought a few cake making supplies. I ended up ordering some ladybug stuff for Mallory's birthday and decided I need to try my hand at a ladybug cake. But, I'm smart enough to know it's probably not as easy as it looks, so I'm going to do a trial run this weekend...

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