Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've met all the teachers...

Drew and Mallory start school (preschool/mother's day out) on Monday, so yesterday was meet the teacher for them. Two of the four teachers were familiar to me - I didn't know them, but have seen them around the school. I think the other two are new to the school, but I find it interesting that both of them have two, five day a week teachers. Many of the classes have one teacher that works all week, and then two others who work MWF or TTH. I was pretty disappointed to learn that Drew won't have naptime in his class :( Brady had naptime when he was three, but he started right before he turned three while Drew is going in just having turned three, so I guess that's the difference.

Brady had a good week at school. He was looking forward to the weekend, though, to get some more wii time! Funny enough, he didn't get to play at all today because we were gone most of the day. We went to Jackson's birthday party and then back to their house for swimming and dinner - I will post pics tomorrow.

I was asking Brady yesterday about the friends he's made so far at school. He mentioned a couple of names and somehow we got on the topic of having friends that are girls and ones that are boys. Our conversation went something like this -

Brady: Mom, I think I like girlfriends better. What do you like?

Me: I think it's good to have some friends that are girls and some that are boys. What about Zack? He's a boy.

Brady: Yeah, but he's special. He' s my special friend.

Me: OK, that's fine.

Brady: Yeah, I definitely like girls better (said with a big grin).

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