Friday, October 16, 2009

Anyone need a dog...or two?

They used to be so well-behaved... before the children, back in the good old days when we worked with them and gave them our undivided attention. Now, they just do whatever they damn well please. Can't say I blame them, but that doesn't stop me from getting irritated! I'm almost certain that their jumping up on the furniture was to blame for Murdock's pinched nerve (and several hundred dollars at the vet, I might add) and tonight I discovered that one of them (99% sure it was Murdock) was laying/sleeping in my laundry basket. The kicker is that the laundry basket had freshly washed and folded clothes...&^%&! I can at least understand the draw of dirty clothes, but why the clean ones when a basket of dirty underwear is within arm's reach??

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