Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas - round #4

Round #3 was last night at Julie's house, but I didn't take any pics :( Today we exchanged presents at Karen's house. Mallory's biggest interest seemed to be the bow on her package - she wasn't too interested in actually opening the gift. Kate, however, tore right into hers!

Mallory's face did light up, though, when she saw Elmo on the dvd cover of her new movie :)
She was fascinated by Kate's jumperoo, so I stuck her in there. Of course, she was too tall, but she had fun just bending her knees and bouncing a little bit.

I didn't get any great pics today, which explains why I left out the boys... I have a few of them opening presents, but nothing to write home about. Not much of Brooke, either. But, Karen was taking pics, too, and she took several of all the kids together in front of the tree. I'm guessing none of them are with all the kids looking at the camera and smiling, but I'm sure it will be still be cute!

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