Monday, August 31, 2009

Two more first days...

Drew was NOT thrilled about heading back to school this morning. Up until today, he's been fine with the idea of going back to school, but I guess he reconsidered once the reality of it was upon him. He told me at the house that he did not want to go, plus many more times in the car and in the parking lot at the church. I told him that I was sorry, but that he was going and that he would have fun. "Didn't you have fun last year with Ms. Glen and Ms. Gina?" I asked. "No," he said, which is an outright lie... He started crying when I dropped Mallory off in her room. At least I didn't have to drag him down the hallway, though. He walked without me pulling him along, just cried and let me know he wasn't happy about it! I went with him into his room, put his things away, and got the hell out. I've learned from experience that once I go, he will be fine. Hanging around doesn't do anyone any good.

When I picked him up, he was happy to see me, but reported that he had a good day. We talked about it a little, and I asked him if he would cry again on Wednesday for his next day of school. "Umm, yes." he said, and I believe him!

I had to bribe him this morning to get a picture before we left... it wasn't too difficult - nothing a few m&m's couldn't solve.
Mallory, on the other hand, was totally fine with going to school - I'm sure it helped that she was I dropped her off, and she immediately crawled off to find something to play with. When I picked her up, her shirt was a mess. Come to find out, they had given her vanilla wafers for a snack in the afternoon. Considering she's never had them before, I'm sure she was thrilled and had a field day with them!
As for myself, I enjoyed my free time! I went to almost every store in the Webster area and had lunch by myself, which I love. Before I had kids, I didn't quite see the draw of eating out by yourself somewhere... now I get it. I bought Mallory a few new things, some cold weather clothes for the two weeks or so it might be chilly outside in the next six months. I look forward to those days, though! Hard to imagine them now...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A new favorite?

Mallory may have discovered her new favorite activity today. I've tried a few times before to get her to push her hippo toy, but today was the first day she showed any interest. I put her behind the shopping cart and she pushed it along like she was an old pro. It was funny to watch because sometimes it would get away from her, and she would take a couple steps on her own to catch back up to it. I've definitely noticed that she's thinking a lot less before she takes a step, which generally is a good thing - it's becoming more effortless.

Party Pics

Jackson's party was at a place called JW Tumble, and the theme was superheroes. Brady thought it was GREAT - I mean, he loves any birthday party, but he was especially thrilled with this one. The cape he got to take home with his name on it probably helped... Unfortunately, Drew wasn't as thrilled. He wanted no part of participating in the party and wouldn't run around and play on anything until the party was basically over. I let him do his own thing, but felt bad that he didn't enjoy it the way Brady did. Mallory, however, had some fun of her own, too. She's a happy little girl and basically makes her own fun wherever she goes :)
The birthday boy - I took many pics, but a lot of them were blurry (which is always disappointing!)

Jackson and his grandparents moved to the Woodlands a couple years ago. Although we've seen them since then, it was the first time we've been to their new house. I knew it was going to be nice because their old one was very nice, but let me just say - wow! It was beautiful, including the pool and patio area in the backyard. Also, they have the biggest flat screen tv I have EVER seen! The boys got in some playtime, we ate dinner, and then played in the pool for a little while.
Brady and Drew loved this thing...
The boys all had fun together, but I think Bryan and Greg were having even more fun with all the water "guns" they had.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've met all the teachers...

Drew and Mallory start school (preschool/mother's day out) on Monday, so yesterday was meet the teacher for them. Two of the four teachers were familiar to me - I didn't know them, but have seen them around the school. I think the other two are new to the school, but I find it interesting that both of them have two, five day a week teachers. Many of the classes have one teacher that works all week, and then two others who work MWF or TTH. I was pretty disappointed to learn that Drew won't have naptime in his class :( Brady had naptime when he was three, but he started right before he turned three while Drew is going in just having turned three, so I guess that's the difference.

Brady had a good week at school. He was looking forward to the weekend, though, to get some more wii time! Funny enough, he didn't get to play at all today because we were gone most of the day. We went to Jackson's birthday party and then back to their house for swimming and dinner - I will post pics tomorrow.

I was asking Brady yesterday about the friends he's made so far at school. He mentioned a couple of names and somehow we got on the topic of having friends that are girls and ones that are boys. Our conversation went something like this -

Brady: Mom, I think I like girlfriends better. What do you like?

Me: I think it's good to have some friends that are girls and some that are boys. What about Zack? He's a boy.

Brady: Yeah, but he's special. He' s my special friend.

Me: OK, that's fine.

Brady: Yeah, I definitely like girls better (said with a big grin).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Both boys were up this morning by 5:45 a.m. I know this because they woke me up at that time - they did stay in their room, but were talking so loud I could hear every word of their "conversation." Drew complains to me every day about how he's tired, even when he gets up later - maybe 7 or 7:30 a.m. So, you can understand why I think it's so ridiculous that they would be up before 6 a.m.! I ran to Target this morning, and Drew fell asleep in the car (this was around 9:45), and then he also fell asleep on the way home from Mallory's appointment (which was closer to noon). I layed him down on the couch when I brought him in, but I don't have high hopes that he'll actually take a real nap...

Mallory's one year check-up went well. Poor thing got five shots, including her first flu shot. She weighed 22 lb and change... not sure because they didn't write it down for me, and I can only pay attention to so many things at once! Her length was 30 inches, plus (can't remember if it was 1/4 or 3/4). The doctor's office normally gives you a little booklet where they write their measurements and tell you what to expect at that age... maybe since she's #3, they think I don't need it anymore!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brady's first day

Brady was all smiles today - both before and after school. He didn't have any questions for me this morning and was excited to start his day at school. Bryan dropped us off at the school- we had a little breakfast, and then I dropped Brady off in his classroom. He wasn't hesitant about me leaving, so we both managed to stay tear-free... I fear that the tears will be when Mallory is old enough to start kindergarten :(

We've designated Brady and Zack as "walkers" to avoid the horrendous car pick-up line - so, today I dropped Julie off at the back of the school, and she picked them up at the door. I wanted to get a picture of them walking out, but it was mobbed so that didn't happen!

Brady's only real concern today was getting in his wii He wanted to make sure that Drew didn't play while he was at school, and then his first concern once we were back at home was when he could start playing.

Enjoying his bagel
Gettin' down to business!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Big news!

Mallory took her first steps today! I was just remarking that I hoped she did it soon because I was afraid she would wait until school started and then do it there... she's been so close, so I knew it could be any day. What's funny is that she took 5-6 steps, not 1 or 2. I figured she'd catch on pretty quick, though, just because of how long she can stand on her own and how easily she can get up and down. The video is her third time "walking." I was in the kitchen the first time Bryan got her to do it, and she thankfully repeated it for me right after. I'm actually surprised we got her to do it again because she was pretty darn tired at this point!

Meet the Teacher

We went to Brady's school this morning and met his teacher, Mrs. Paul. He was shy, as I expected. We didn't stay too long - just long enough to fill out a form, drop off school supplies, and look around the room a little. We also found out that his best friend Zack is in the class directly across the hall, and that they will go to lunch and recess together. So, he was happy about that. On the way out of the room, I noticed a tooth chart she had hanging and mentioned it to Brady. I told him that a lot of kindergarteners must loose teeth, and that she must keep track of it. He asked me, "Why would I have to put my teeth up there??" Of course, I thought that was hilarious and tried not to laugh as I explained that his tooth wouldn't go up there, but probably a sticker or something when he lost He was definitely concerned about the fact that he doesn't know his way around the school, so I tried to help him understand that no one in his class will know where to go, and that the teacher would help them. He didn't seem convinced, but he's normally apprehensive about new situations, so it's not surprising. I know that he will do well once I drop him off tomorrow and he has a few minutes to take it all in. Bryan agreed to go in late tomorrow, so I'm going to be able to take him in myself without the little ones and eat breakfast with him before I drop him off in his room.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Update (to my last post)

Brady and I were both cavity-free! The fillings I got back in March are still bothering me - the dentist didn't see anything wrong with them, which I was really surprised about. She did say, however, that some people are sensitive to the "white" fillings, but that it's really rare. I'm just supposed to try sensidyne (sp?) for a while and see if it helps... if I thought it was going to be that easy, I would have done that months ago! But, it would be nice if that solved the problem and I could chew on the right side of my mouth again.

Bryan took Murdock to the vet, and it appears he has a pinched nerve. $184 later, and he's already looking much better (thanks to the two shots he got at the office). We're giving him medicine for the next two weeks, and then they want to look at him again. Of course, we're also supposed to make sure he doesn't reinjure himself - not that we know what happened in the first place. My guess would be that he jumped up on a piece of furniture when no one was around...

I did spend a small fortune on my family pics, but can't wait to see them in person! As Karen said, I know I won't look at them in the future and wish I hadn't spent the money... I'm calling it an investment. I need to come up with some kind of album/scrapbook for the first family session we did, plus this and subsequent ones. Some of the pics are going on the wall, but I also ordered quite a few 4x6's and 5x7's, and there are only so many frames in the house!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The week's happenings

It's hard to believe that this is the last week before school starts! Yesterday we went to Stride Rite and got Brady a new pair of shoes. I've been shopping for a while, so he has several new "outfits" to wear to school, and we went school supply shopping a few weeks ago, so I think we're all set. Tonight is the parent orientation at his school, and then Monday morning we will go to meet his teacher. I've also got the parent meeting for soccer next week, and then meet the teacher for Drew and Mallory. So, it will be another busy week! Brady and I have dentist appointments tomorrow, and I'm going to call to make an appointment for Murdock. He hasn't been quite right for almost a week, so we've decided to take him to the vet even though he does seem a little better than a few days ago.

Yesterday I was excited to get my gallery from Tasha. As usual, there are many pics I want to order, so I'm sure I'll spend a small fortune! They're only little once, though!

I picked up a pirate costume for Drew for Halloween and have picked out a tutu and wings to order Mallory. Anyone have any brilliant ideas on what she should wear on top as Tinkerbell? My thought was to get her a leotard, but I'm not sure how easy it will be to find one in her size in the right color...

This Saturday Bryan and I are going to the Astros game. BP has a box, and Bryan's group has it for the night. I lined up a babysitter back in June, and when I called to remind her, she couldn't do it anymore :( So much for my good intentions of finding someone early! Of course, I was irritated, but nothing much I can do about that!

I'm working on sending out a couple of kodak albums, but have been easily distracted - maybe I'll finally get those out today. Mallory slept less than an hour all day both yesterday and the day before, so we'll see if today is any better. Probably not, since we're running a few errands. I thought she might take a step towards me this morning, but no... she's so close!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday pics

Mallory didn't have much interest in opening her presents. She enjoyed crinkling the tissue or wrapping paper and opening her cards. Other than that, her brothers opened most everything. They were happy to do so!

I love the way their heads are together in this pic :)
I think the zebra will be a hit. Drew kept asking to ride it - I let him since he doesn't outweigh Mallory by that much... he is still wearing a good amount of 18-24 months clothes at 3 years old.
Checking out her "caterpillar" from Grandma and Grandpa Farris - I found it at a consignment shop and asked my mom if she wanted to get it for Mallory's birthday. She's not a huge fan of shopping, so she didn't think that was a bad deal.
This pretty much sums up how Mallory felt about her cake!
At the end of the party, I realized there would be no pictures of me from her birthday, so I made sure to get one.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mallory!

Mallory is so much fun these days! She loves to make all kinds of noises and "talk" - I think our current favorite is this low-pitched sound she makes that sounds just like a She giggles and smiles quite a bit - unless you put a camera in front of her. She hasn't started walking yet, but can stand up for a long time and get herself up from the ground without help - even with a toy or two in her hand. I think once she decides to take a step, she'll be off and running. She loves to watch t.v., esp. Dora, Diego, and Elmo (much to Brady's displeasure). We have moved on to whole milk and have turned her car seat around to face the front. The next change will be taking away the bottle, although I don't expect too much difficulty with that. She will also be starting Mother's Day out in a couple weeks, so that will be a big change for the both of us.

We're celebrating her birthday with a small party this evening at the house. Needless to say, I will take plenty of pictures!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Car trouble

When Bryan got up this morning, his car wouldn't start. He had it towed to Honda and is waiting on a call to see what the damage is... The interesting thing that came of this is that I dropped him off at work this afternoon after we went to lunch, and it's the first time I've seen where he works. Yes, that's right, he's worked there for 5 1/2 years, and I'd never even seen the refinery, much less knew how to get there. I still haven't seen his office, but that's a whole other ordeal - they don't let just anyone walk in there!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two weeks and counting...

until Brady starts kindergarten! I am ready, and he is ready. I'm sure it will be a little bit of a shock at first - him getting used to being at school all day, and me getting used to waking up early enough to get him to I've only had one moment where my eyes welled up thinking about him starting school, and I think it has to do more with Mallory than with him - just knowing she won't be a baby much longer, and before I know it, she will be the one starting kindergarten! Mallory and Drew will start Mother's day out the next week, so it will be interesting to see what Drew does all day without Brady to follow after...

5 days and counting...

until Mallory's birthday! And, no, I can't believe it... it's so fun watching her grow, but not too fun to see how quickly the time goes by.

2 days and counting...

until the boys go to Grandma Dinkel's for a two-night sleepover. Mallory will stay at home with me, and Bryan will be gone Friday and Saturday for a baseball game in the Dallas area. I'm looking forward to less talking and less whining (from the boys, not Bryan :) than usual!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nighttime discovery

Here's how I found Drew a few minutes ago. Apparently, he fell out of bed but the fall wasn't enough to really wake him!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Family session

We had our photo session with Tasha this morning. The plan was to take pics of everyone at the park across the street, and then come back to the house to do some of Mallory for her birthday. It was hotter than you know what, but bearable for the hour we were out there. Brady did well as I expected, and Drew did better than I expected, so that was a pleasant surprise. I'm not saying he smiled on cue, but he listened and didn't complain much, so I think that's pretty darn good for a three year old! Mallory gave us some smiles, but not on command (of course!). I heard her up this morning before 7 a.m., so by 10 she was already tired. We came back to the house and tried to get some pics of her in her birthday hat and digging into a little birthday cake. I don't think we got any of the big smiles I get from her all the time, and she wanted no part of the cake, so I was a little disappointed. She has had icing before and liked it, so I guess I will blame it on her being tired. However, I know it's a lot to expect, too. Tasha said it will probably be 10-14 days until she has the session edited - hopefully I will see a sneak peek before then...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Events of the day

I signed the boys up for soccer today - it starts mid-September and runs eight weeks. They will be on the same team, along with Zack and Kayla (assuming no one screws it up). We will also have the same coach we've had the last two seasons - he's great with the kids, so we're looking forward to it. I'm very interested to see how Drew will do and excited that they will be on the same team. After that, I went to exercise. One of the routines had push-ups in it... although we do modify them a bit. Anyway, I was very pleased with myself because I noticed the 20-something girl behind me gave up before the song was over, whereas I made it to the end. That was good for my self-confidence today :) I think I will attribute it to the few times a week I've been doing some extra upper body work at home - the video has push-ups, so I'm sure that's helped. Then, I ran to Michaels and bought a few cake making supplies. I ended up ordering some ladybug stuff for Mallory's birthday and decided I need to try my hand at a ladybug cake. But, I'm smart enough to know it's probably not as easy as it looks, so I'm going to do a trial run this weekend...

Trip to the pool

I told Bryan I wanted him to go to the pool with us one more time this summer. He's not a huge fan, so I usually take the kids myself, and I'm sure you can imagine that it's difficult enough taking three kids by myself, much less with the camera. So, we headed over there Sunday after dinner (no sunscreen necessary, so less prep time).

Brady just got this mask and is thrilled that it keeps the water out of his eyes AND nose!

I've never seen Drew wear goggles before...LOL!

The aftermath - this is why I'm not a huge fan of catching Brady when he jumps off the side.
Pop goes the weasel...
Mallory's turn!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

More layouts...

Have I mentioned how fun it is to scrap for Mallory???

The pics do NOT do this layout justice - the glitter on the fruit embellishments and on the paper don't show up very well, which is what really makes it special. I saw a layout similar to this in my Creating Keepsakes magazine and had to have the fruit she used!
So many bows, so little hair... from a few days old to 9 months old