Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Potty update

I'm sure this is not a favorite topic for those reading my blog... but it's my life! I sent Drew to school in underwear today, and he did very well. He stayed dry all day and towards the end of the day, went #2 in the potty! Of course, it was not a convenient time at all, considering I was at Chick-fil-a with all three kids by myself... but, whatever. He was happy with himself but cried some, too. I think it's just overwhelming still. But, he was excited to tell Brady and later on, Daddy. So, hopefully being proud of himself is the overriding feeling.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally... two more teeth!

I was beginning to wonder why Mallory wasn't getting anymore teeth. It's been several months since her first two on the bottom came in. But, last night she woke up several times crying, which is pretty unusual. I wondered if some teeth were to blame, and I discovered today that I was right! The top two have just broken through, although the one on the right is a little bit more visible. The boys were very excited about his discovery, and Drew made sure to tell Daddy as soon as he came through the door...

Speaking of being excited, Brady has been a great motivator for Drew's potty training. He's very enthusiastic when Drew goes on the potty and encourages him to keep his big boy underwear dry. Drew's been wearing a combination of pull-ups and underwear, and he's doing great. I'm sticking with pull-ups for at least a little while longer because he's only tinkled on the potty so far...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Astros game

Bryan and his dad took the boys to the Astros' game this past Saturday. Brady was thrilled because Hunter Pence hit a homerun, although that didn't help them win the game. Bryan reported that they got spanked, and Brady added, "on the butt!" LOL I think Drew had a good time, too, but he was already asking in the second inning when it was going to be time to go home. Not surprisingly, he fell asleep on the way over, so what do you expect? He and Brady ended up going to bed close to 10:30, so Drew slept until almost 9 on Sunday - I think that's the latest he's ever slept in his life!! Not that it mattered to me because Mallory was up before 7...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Second soccer game

I provided commentary, so turn the volume up :) It's mainly video of Drew - #9. You can see some of Brady towards the end, too - he is #13.

In case you didn't hear very well, Drew did better than the first game (although he had nowhere to go but up!). He did cry off and on the whole game, but at least he tried to run around with the other kids. Maybe next time he will just cry at the beginning of the game... baby steps :) Brady scored his first goal and can't wait to tell his teacher tomorrow. It would have been nice to get it on video - oh well! The battery was dying, so I didn't have a lot to work with.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Family Session Pics

As I mentioned yesterday, I just picked up my pics from Tasha - our family session was back in August, shortly before Mallory's birthday. Anyway, I had a chance tonight to change out most of the photos in the living room and put in the new ones. Love it!
A closer look at the photos... other than Mallory's birthday pics, they were all taken at the park in our neighborhood

This last one of Mallory is the only one I kept out from before - it was from the portrait party I had back in March. It seemed appropriate to leave it since she's not smiling in the birthday one I picked to display. Of course, I have many other new 4x6's and 5x7's of her, but you can only put out so many in the house!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One of those days...

I picked up my pics from Tasha today... yea!! Unfortunately, the order isn't quite right. I made a few changes after the original order, and I guess they got lost in the shuffle :(

This afternoon Mary calls me to say that the peter pan costume pattern is actually a size small adult rather than size small child %^*! Enough problems with his costume already!! Of course, I already have the material, tights, and accessory set so it's kind of late to turn back now... She's going to try to size it down enough to make it useable, so keep your fingers crossed.

The last time Drew was with me at Target, he picked out some Cars underwear. He said he was ready to wear it, which shocked me - whenever I've asked before the answer has always been no. So, I got them washed and asked him this afternoon if he wanted to change into one of them. He said that he did, and we talked about how he shouldn't get Lighting McQueen wet. He's been staying pretty dry at school with his pullup, so I know he needs an extra push at home because we don't work on it very much - we ask, but he normally says no. Anyway, so I put the underwear on him, and not ten minutes later I see a familiar look on his face... I race him to the bathroom to discover his underwear is already stinky :( But, I still sit him on the potty and he did go #1. So, I rewarded him for that and convinced him to put on Lighting McQueen #2. He wanted to go back to a diaper, but I showed him the new pair and that it was clean (I think he might have thought he would have to put the dirty ones back and he was fine with it. He wore that second pair for probably 2-3 hours and did great. I guess I need to get some more underwear - obviously if we're going to be serious about this, 3 pair aren't going to cut it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poor Mallory

I'm SO SICK of mosquitoes!! I believe I counted 10 bites on her face... and the only time we are outside is to and from the car. Perhaps I need to get some skin so soft and put it on her daily, just in case.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Drew's first swimming lesson...

went much better than his first soccer game! I didn't tell him he was going to the swim until this morning because I knew he would just tell me over and over that he didn't want to go. Of course, I reminded him how much he enjoyed his lessons in the spring and how he would have the same teacher... not that I really think he was processing that info. However, I also promised 10 m&m's if he didn't cry - to him, that it is a TON of m&m's because he usually only gets 2-3 at a time for going on the potty. Anyway, he did cry some at the beginning of the lesson but for less than five minutes, I would say. He was so proud of himself for not crying the whole time and asked for his m&m's so he did get them - frankly, I expected him to cry the entire lesson, so I was pleasantly surprised! When Brady and Daddy got home, his report was "I got 10 m&m's. I cried a little, but then I stopped and had fun." Hopefully, he will remember that next week :)

The house and driveway were pressure washed today in preparation for the house being painted. That's why it's raining this week by the way, because we're scheduled to have the house Anyway, the driveway looks great, but the house looks even worse than before it was washed! All it did was wash away some of the dirt and grime that was covering areas where the paint is missing. It just reinforces how much it REALLY needs to be done!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First soccer game

Drew started off the day telling us that he did NOT want to go to his soccer game. He reiterated that to us for several hours before it was finally time to go.

Doing some stretching... reluctantly! SO sad! He cried almost the entire time we were out there.
Dude, what is wrong with you? This is supposed to be fun!
The 30 seconds or so he decided to participate... and that was it. He spent all his time on the field standing around crying. Although to be fair, there was one other little boy doing the same :)
Brady, on the other hand, had a great time. He had the ball many times and came close once to scoring a goal. He was not too thrilled about sitting out the third period, but he did understand when we explained that there were just too many kids for everyone to play. Drew, however, was thrilled to sit out the last period. He finally stopped crying when I told him he wouldn't have to go out there anymore.

Drew's first smile of the day - after the game, with a snack and Mommy threatening to tickle him. Mallory, by the way, was great. She sat with Julie and I on a blanket and didn't try to squirm away. I'm sure it helped that she took a little nap before we left the house.

So, we'll see what next week holds. I really do think that Drew will like soccer once he gets used to it. He is always hesitant about new things, and it takes him a while to get comfortable. I'm already dreading his reaction when I take him to his first swimming lesson this week. When he took swim in the spring, he cried the whole first lesson. By the third week or so, he was loving it! But, it's been a while so it will be as if it's a whole new deal (even though he will have the same teacher).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love...

  • walking into the kitchen and seeing my fall decorations
  • that Brady is SO excited about his birthday coming up
  • when Mallory takes a few steps towards me and then launches herself at me!
  • how Drew jumps up and down and is SO thrilled when he beats Brady at Mariokart
  • how Drew is so proud of himself when he doesn't cry after being dropped off at school or at soccer practice
  • looking through my kids' baby/scrap books
  • that Brady has adjusted really well to kindergarten
  • a clean house (just put all my scrapbooking stuff back up!)
  • coke - I have no thoughts of giving it up (good luck to Karen!)

Not in the clear as I'd hoped...

Apparently Drew now has whatever stomach bug Mallory had on Sunday. So, now my hopes are:

1. that he doesn't get sick again (I only have two sheets for his bed!)
2. that he's well in time for his soccer game on Saturday
3. that Brady doesn't get sick

Of course, I'd rather Bryan and I not get sick either, but Brady's higher on the list :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Brady's costume pattern finally came in! I immediately repackaged it and put it in the mail to Bryan's mom. I think Brady was starting to get worried that Grandma wouldn't have it done by his birthday :) I've assured him several times that it will be fine.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A couple updates...

I got my money back from the first peter pan pattern I ordered, so that's good. What's not good is that I have yet to receive the one I expected some time last week... Surely it will be in the mail today!! On my etsy page, it does say it has shipped, so I'm trying to stay positive!

My day today hasn't been as planned... Mallory couldn't go to school because she threw up after dinner last night. She seems to be feeling better today - certainly enough to let me know she was NOT happy about the measly portions I tried to feed her for breakfast and lunch! So, I'm hoping last night was it, and, of course, that no one else will be sick. Not only do I not want anyone missing school, but I also want everyone well for our first soccer game this Saturday. I do not have the schedule yet, but expect to get it tomorrow night at practice.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Toys, toys, toys

So, I've spent part of my weekend rearranging a bit in the playroom - making room for a few toys that have been stored in the attic, and also choosing some toys to give away or sell. With Brady's birthday coming up (not to mention xmas), I really feel like we need to part with some of our stuff! It's way more than the kids can even play with... esp. now that the wii monopolizes a good part of their time.

I realized yesterday that the key to involving Brady was promising him a part of the Once I mentioned money, he was more than happy to start looking for a few things to sell. Of course, I had to direct him - the first thing he picked was a McDonalds toy. I had to explain to him that we had to pick more expensive toys if we wanted to get any money for them! So, I hope that we get some bites on the things he's decided to part with.

I also put some of my fall decorations out this morning. I'm proud to say I only spent about two hours doing this, which is a reasonable amount of time as far as I'm concerned. I've been known to walk around with the same %^&$ thing for 30 minutes trying to find the perfect spot (don't know who I got that from!), so two hours to do everything is pretty darn good for me! Of course, I will be making my way to Hobby Lobby tomorrow (without the kiddos) to get a few more things. I saw a few things that interested me last week, but I won't let myself buy anything until I see what I already have because, of course, I forget!

Friday, September 11, 2009

No wonder she was so quiet...

Bookclub layout

At our scrapbooking "bookclub," we got two halloween/fall kits this month. I was excited to get away from the summer stuff and move onto fall, but a little disappointed that I wouldn't have any pictures to put on my new layouts. The kit that I used to make this layout was the one I liked the least in the beginning, but I love the way these pages turned out, so I guess I've changed my mind!

The pumpkin was part of a mini-album that I wasn't interested in making, so I used it on my layout instead. It does open up like a folder, but I haven't done anything with the inside (and decided to wait to see what kind of pics I have).
This second page has room for 3-4 pics, so I should be able to fit everything from Halloween night between these two pages, esp. considering I will have costume pics from Brady's party, too.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Household News

I weighed in today at ww's for the first time since the end of June. I was very happy to be 1.4 lbs lighter than the last time I weighed. I have not made any grand efforts to lose anymore weight over the summer, so maintaining is all I was hoping for. Ideally, I'd like to lose another 5-7 pounds, so we'll see if I can find the motivation I've been lacking...

I signed Drew up today for swimming lessons - he will go once a week on Tuesdays. It is with his old teacher, Tobey, so I am very pleased that he got her and that the timing worked out. Tomorrow I am taking Mallory to Kindermusik by herself - it is a free "preview" lesson, and I will probably sign her up for the Thursday lesson for the fall. It would be something that she and I can do together while the boys are at school :)

Bryan has agreed to hire someone to paint the exterior of the house, so I'm excited about that, too. It's nothing anyone wants to spend money on, but it really needs to be done, and I'm glad he's saving himself from the time, effort, and frustration. I'm hoping they will have it done by the time Brady's party rolls around. We're using someone that was recommended to us, so hopefully that will save us some headaches.... guess we'll see!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First soccer practice

This first shot pretty much sums up how Drew felt about the first half of practice...
I would say he cried for a solid 15 minutes. Doesn't help that he fell asleep on the ten minute ride over.
He's starting to turn around here... when he was crying I asked him, "Don't you want to be on Brady's team and have fun playing soccer?" "NOOOOOOOOO...sob,sob" was the response I got, which I knew wasn't true!
What's that?? An actual smile! This soccer thing is fun!
Brady was there, too - doing his own thing. He doesn't need Mommy or Daddy to hold his hand or offer help anymore. That was good since Drew needed so much of Daddy's attention! I'm irritated that I got so many blurry shots, but I still thought this one was worth sharing.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Fun

Long weekends are always appreciated, although I am sad to miss my "me" day today (since all the kids would normally be in school). We've had a relaxing few days. I've been working on a halloween book to show off at my bookclub and have many other projects planned - a few more layouts for my scrapbook, changing the blog up a little, working on Brady's birthday party invite, and doing some planning for his party.

Yesterday, Bryan and his dad took the boys to the Astros' game. They had a good time as usual. Mary and I went to lunch and then picked up the material for Brady's Peter Pan costume... I'm expecting the 2nd one I ordered to come in this week. Today, the boys went with daddy to pick up soccer shoes. Our first practice is scheduled for tomorrow, and they are very excited to start the season.

Mallory has spent most of her time around the house. She's walking a lot more and still getting into everything. She loves the tupperware cabinet in the kitchen and spent a good amount of time in there yesterday while Mary and I were visiting in the living room. Here she is playing her in room... of course, the boys had to be involved, too.

Brady and I worked on this school project today. I think it turned out pretty cute! He was given the plain white "man" and asked to decorate it to represent himself.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

For comparison...

I had my mom pull a few pics of me to compare to Mallory, and finally asked Bryan to scan a few in...

Quick update

So, Drew cried again for his second day of school... just as he told me he would. I asked again whether he would cry the next day, and he said he didn't know. This morning was different, though, because Julie took him with her to school. He did cry as I was putting him in her car, but it was short-lived, and he didn't cry when she dropped him off. However, he won't be at school again until next Wednesday (because of Labor Day), so I feel sure we'll have to go through this again next week :) Maybe we can catch up on some sleep this weekend... he fell asleep in the car on the way to exercise and/or school twice this week (before 9:00 a.m.), so that tells you how tired he is!

For those following the saga of the Peter Pan pattern, I ordered another one today on etsy. I emailed first to ask when it would ship and was told tomorrow morning, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! To make a long story short, I ordered it on ebay for Grandma Dinkel to make for Brady...yada,yada,yada... it's over a month later and I still don't have it (nor expect it at this point!).