Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Brady's been up to...

Brady spent quite a while today working on this lego space police set. He was very proud that he completed it on his own - Bryan said all he did was answer a question and help with one piece. Considering the set has hundreds of pieces, I'm pretty impressed that he finished it by himself!

We also spent this weekend working on a 100 day shirt for school. This Friday they are celebrating the 100th day of school - they have a parade around school and are supposed to wear their own 100 day shirt, with one hundred things painted, glued, or drawn on. We used some stamps with paint - mainly because I already had the stamps and paint, so all I had to do was spend $2 on the white shirt.
Yesterday I got a call from Brady's tball coach, so he is very excited about starting practice soon! It turns out a kid directly across the street from us is also on the team - kinda funny since I didn't even know a young boy lived at that house! Shows how much we've gotten to know our

My corner

A few months before Christmas, I decided it was time to make a little scrapbooking area for myself in the dining room. Instead of going out and buying what I wanted, I asked for several things for Christmas. I got the two shelves, two 12x12 frames, some large embellishment jars, and a fillable calendar. After I got most of that up, I decided to have the wall decal made and purchased the two storage boxes sitting on the buffet and the heart picture holder sitting on the top shelf. I'm very happy with how everything turned out! I've had my scrapbooking stuff out on the dining room table for several weeks now, and it's fun to be looking at this wall now instead of our tchotchkes from Europe that formerly resided there :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

21 photos

I fit a ton of photos on Drew's birthday layout! I was also able to include the invitation for his party and a piece of the "goodie" box that each guest took home (as a pocket for a few photos). The main two 12x12 pages of the layout had quite a few pics, but then the two 6 inch flaps gave me even more room. I bought some new page protectors, so this seemed like a great occasion to try them out. The last picture below shows what it will look like in my album, with the flaps closed.

Left side with flap open
Right side with flap open
Closed (pics from his actual birthday on the outside flaps- everything inside is from the party)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


All of these pages were made from my Wassail kit from Basic Grey. I asked for it for xmas - one of the things I liked about it was that it came with instructions for 6 layouts. Two of these pages are very similiar to two of their layouts with just minor differences in where I put embellishments, swapped out paper, etc. The winter fest page is a combo of two layouts, basically what I liked best from both. I think I've done 9 xmas pages for 2009 - crazy! I have one more planned, but it's going to be all digital, so I'm not ready to work on it right now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miss Mallory

Mallory's hair is too funny when she gets on the trampoline... I couldn't get a great pic with the netting in the way, but you get the idea!

Sporting her new headband from Target (with a gymboree korker thrown in on top) - She wants no part of wearing crochet/nylon type headbands, but she's fascinated with the harder ones that don't go all the way around your head. I'm sure it's because she gets them out of my drawer :) I had a special one made for her valentine/easter dress, so I'm hoping she will at least wear it long enough for pics next week.
I made this layout with one of the kits from my bookclub. The little "book" is a string of envelopes glued together, and each pocket tells different things about Mallory at her current age, 17 months.

Seems like I've done a lot of pages on Mallory recently, but I think it's simply because the colors have had more of a "girly" feel.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lunch with Brady

I went to Brady's school to have lunch with him this morning. He commented that he sure was glad that parents were allowed to come visit and eat with their I was asking him about going out on the playground because they head out there right after lunch. I asked if he was still playing with Ashley all the time, and he said sometimes. I asked about Zack, and he said that he really only planned on playing with him the first day of school (since they were already friends), so they don't play together at recess anymore. The funniest part was when I asked if he played with Talitha anymore. His response was, "Well, I don't play with her as much anymore because I like to play Indiana Jones and all that killing and stuff is too much for her." He was so serious about it, it just cracked me up. I told him that made sense because girls don't like playing that way as much as boys do :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Random information

I got out the touch-up paint today to fix a few spots where my new shelves are in the dining room. Anyone that owns a house knows what a mistake that is!! I walked around the playroom and found about a gazillion spots that also needing fixing... good thing the living room is a different color. My scrapbooking corner is almost done. I ordered a quote for the wall that I don't have in my hands yet, and there is a spot on one of the shelves that could use something. However, Tasha posted a few pics of a new 5x10 inch print/collage she will be offering at the valentine's mini session, so that will probably be what ends up going in that spot! I found the boys matching ties to go with Mallory's valentine/easter dress, so I'm excited to see how cute they will all look together.

I finally finished another xmas layout. It was sitting around for quite a while because I was waiting to print pics on my computer again, and then I spent WAY too much time trying to come up with a title for the page, only to decide to leave it the way it was! Maybe when I finish the next layout I'm working on, I will take a pic to post. Our bookclub is on Sunday, so I'd like to get a few more pages done by then - we'll see.

Zack's birthday party is tomorrow afternoon, and then Brady is invited to spend the night. It will be his first sleepover not at Grandma's house. Zack is NOT an early riser, but Julie is, so I think it will work out o.k. Probably just means Drew and Mallory will get up at some ungodly hour Sunday morning since I'm hoping to sleep in a little with Brady gone...

We made plans this week to go out the Saturday before Valentine's Day. I already made a dinner reservation and got a sitter lined up, so hopefully no one will get sick!!

Backyard Fun

My camera wasn't overly cooperative for these pics - it didn't like all the motion, and probably the fact that it was getting dark didn't help either. So, none of them are very clear, but still worth sharing :) Brady figured out how to swing himself this week, so he's been gung ho about the swingset this week, whereas before he was more excited about the trampoline. I think our backyard looks a little trashy now, but I'm ok with it considering how much the kids have enjoyed being out there so far... Sometimes you've got to take one for the team (and your wallet!).

Mallory is tickling herself in this pic - when I tell her I'm going to tickle her, she automatically starts tickling herself... it's pretty darn cute!

Monday, January 18, 2010

More scrapbooking...

I've been working on a few layouts this week and am also in the midst of making a little corner for myself in the dining room - pics soon to come... I hope.

Mallory's birthday layout - I'm thrilled with how it turned out! The righthand page has a book that opens with more pics inside...

This layout was made using one of the kits from my bookclub. I hadn't planned on using the kit at all since we didn't really bake any cookies this xmas, but when I saw Mallory sporting this apron around the house, I knew a pic of her in it would be perfect!


I can now use the computer to check my email (although it's running pretty slow) and download/print pictures. So, here are a few from the week -

I bought this new headband for Mallory, and when she tried it on, she felt she needed the glasses to complete the ensemble :)
The boys wanted in on the picture taking (I was getting Mallory in her apron for the layout I posted) - Brady wanted to show off his pogo stick and Drew his camera.
Mallory showing off her baby legs... very cute!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


The computer is still a work in progress. Bryan thought he had it fixed late last night after I went to bed, but when I went to check my email this afternoon, I couldn't get on the internet. I'm guessing at this point he's wishing he spent the $200 to have someone else fix it, considering the many hours he's put in to it so far...

We were planning on going to dinner and seeing a movie tonight, but Drew has a fever so I cancelled the babysitter :( Hopefully it will only be a 24 hour thing... he's not complaining too much, so I'm not overly concerned. At this point, I'm more concerned with the frequency I'm having to do laundry because he keeps getting his pants wet. And I don't mean just a little, I mean having to change both underwear and pants because they are soaked. I began to wonder if he might have a medical problem (that's how often it is happening!), but then I remembered back to when he first started wearing underwear, and he didn't have accidents that frequently at all. And yes, I am making him go to the bathroom frequently, whether he wants to or not - but that hasn't been enough to fix the problem.

I discovered this week that Mallory's 8th tooth broke through. I've been checking it for a few weeks, so I was glad to see it finally came through. She has also learned how to drink from a straw. I bought her a cup with a straw when she was a baby, but she couldn't figure out what to do with it. I pulled it out again the other day (needed to run the dishwasher), and she figured it out within a minute. She has also taken to playing the recorder. Brady has a set of instruments we've had for several years, and I was quite surprised when she pulled it out the other day and got it to make noise. Both boys took quite a while to figure out to blow into it... I've been keeping a list of all the words she says for a scrapbook layout I'm planning, and right now she's up to 30. At this point, she's saying something new almost daily. Yesterday it was "bow" and today it was "cracker."

Brady is happy to have a holiday from school on Monday. He can't wait until baseball practice starts next month and asks me frequently how long until it is February... He and Drew have been jumping quite a bit on our trampoline, so I'm glad we got it. Of course, Mallory wants to go out too, so that's an issue - it's got to be something, right??

Well, no pics today since I can't use the home computer!! Hopefully soon...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Technical difficulties

Our computer crashed, and Bryan has been working on getting it running the last couple of days. However, that means during the day I can't check my email, post to the blog, print pics, shop online, etc. so it's driving me crazy! OK, obviously I'm online now - thanks to Bryan's work computer coming home with him at night. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon! The good news is that Bryan backed up all our pics a few weeks ago, so if we lose the computer, I will not have to cry about all the pictures on it, never to be seen again...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas layouts

I love this Bo Bunny diecut paper - the color on the top of this first pic is more accurate than the bottom, it's not dull at all. Since I can't put the pages side by side, I'm showing the left page first, then the right.

A couple months ago, I saw a Christmas Countdown kit online that I really liked by Yellow Bicycle. However, I talked myself out of it because we were getting several xmas kits at our bookclub, and I didn't know if I'd get around to using it this year. But, when I went to my local scrapbook store yesterday, they had it. Mary and Bill had given me a gift card, so I was happy to get it! This left page is just what I made up to go with the countdown page from the kit... I'm trying to get away from always doing double page layouts, but since I have so many xmas pics, it seemed silly not to...
I was too lazy to try to get a pic with ALL the flaps open - some have journaling, but most have pics underneath. So much cuter in person than in this picture!

New toothbrush

Mallory got a toothbrush in her stocking, so we finally tried it out last night. Not suprisingly, she liked it!
Also not a surprise was the reaction we got after taking it away...

Friday, January 8, 2010


I've spent the week tackling my to do list : 1.find homes for Christmas presents 2. put away Christmas decorations 3. gather things and take them to Goodwill 4. take pics and list a few things on craigslist 5. balance the checkbook 6. send out my pictures from December. Now that I have everything checked off my list, I can move on to what I want to do - scrapbook!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Points, schmoints...*sigh*

Today's the day - got to get back to counting my points (aka weight watchers). I was doing fairly well, not gaining any weight at least, until probably late November. I haven't done any major damage, but have definitely been drifting in the wrong direction! So, it's time to get back to counting and getting on the scale at least every other week. I'm leaving for Vegas on March 20th, so my goal is to get back into my old clothes (pre-pregnancy #3) by then. Should be doable - guess we'll see! Now that I can get back to exercising regularly, that should help with my motivation. Of course, the first week of getting back into the routine is the worst since I've been eating more than I should and it will take a while for my stomach to get used to the right portions again :(

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Power struggle

Everyday (or several times a day) there is some kind of a power struggle between Drew and Mallory. Mainly it involves food - Drew's eating something that Mallory thinks she needs. Wouldn't you think that a 3 year old boy would be able to stand his ground in that situation? Apparently not!! Drew comes whining to me about how Mallory got his goldfish, his milk, his car, his pillow - the list goes on and on. Why he's not able to keep these things away from her is beyond me! And funny, too :) Of course, my boys are not very "boyish." Yes, they like to wrestle and play fight (to a point), but they have never liked things I would assume most boys like - getting dirty, touching bugs, etc. At this point, I would say Mallory has a good chance of being the toughest of the three... and not because she has two older brothers, simply because of her personality.

FYI - A few things I love about my kids at their current ages:

Mallory - she is really good at blowing kisses, she is talking more and more, she loves to give her stuffed animals and dolls hugs

Drew - his smile (it can light up any room!), his laugh, the way his hair sticks up in the morning

Brady - his way with "women," his enthusiasm, how well he gets sarcasm :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We're home!

We made it home last night around 10:30 p.m. The kids were really good in the car - Mallory took several naps, although I'm sure the fact that she got up yesterday at 5 a.m. helped! Drew did some whining, but that's understandable given we were all tired of being in the car.
As usual, we enjoyed visiting our family but are happy to be home and ready to get back into our normal routine.

Playing a little Rock Band on wii... All the kids wanted a turn on the drums, even the little ones!