Friday, January 22, 2010

Random information

I got out the touch-up paint today to fix a few spots where my new shelves are in the dining room. Anyone that owns a house knows what a mistake that is!! I walked around the playroom and found about a gazillion spots that also needing fixing... good thing the living room is a different color. My scrapbooking corner is almost done. I ordered a quote for the wall that I don't have in my hands yet, and there is a spot on one of the shelves that could use something. However, Tasha posted a few pics of a new 5x10 inch print/collage she will be offering at the valentine's mini session, so that will probably be what ends up going in that spot! I found the boys matching ties to go with Mallory's valentine/easter dress, so I'm excited to see how cute they will all look together.

I finally finished another xmas layout. It was sitting around for quite a while because I was waiting to print pics on my computer again, and then I spent WAY too much time trying to come up with a title for the page, only to decide to leave it the way it was! Maybe when I finish the next layout I'm working on, I will take a pic to post. Our bookclub is on Sunday, so I'd like to get a few more pages done by then - we'll see.

Zack's birthday party is tomorrow afternoon, and then Brady is invited to spend the night. It will be his first sleepover not at Grandma's house. Zack is NOT an early riser, but Julie is, so I think it will work out o.k. Probably just means Drew and Mallory will get up at some ungodly hour Sunday morning since I'm hoping to sleep in a little with Brady gone...

We made plans this week to go out the Saturday before Valentine's Day. I already made a dinner reservation and got a sitter lined up, so hopefully no one will get sick!!

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