Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 months

I took Mallory in yesterday for her 18 month checkup. She was NOT I never had that trouble with the boys, so I was a little surprised by her behavior. She wanted no part of her head or length being measured, and she was thrashing around so bad on the scale, I thought the nurse wouldn't be able to get a weight at all. She weighed in at almost 25 lb. - who knows how accurate that is?! It is reasonable, though, considering she weighed 22 lb. at her one year appointment. She was 32 inches long. Drew has just reached 36 inches, so she may be closing in on him soon!

What new things is Mallory doing? We are still hearing new words all the time. She started saying Drew's name the other day ("dew") and "banana" and "blankie" are ones I've heard for the first time this week. She is also discovering where more of her body parts are (eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, nose, etc.) and is calling a few of them by name. The cutest thing (in my opinion, of course!) is that anytime lego rock band is mentioned or turned on, she starts singing We Will Rock You. Her version is "we, we, rock." She dances around and loves to play on the drums that go with the game.

She nods or shakes her head with great enthusiasm when asked a question, esp. if it involves a drink or snack - that's my girl! She's still getting into trouble all the time and would much rather get into Mommy's things rather than play with her own toys. She throws herself down on the ground and displays her displeasure whenever necessary :) She is becoming a pickier eater but still loves pasta, bananas, any type of cracker, and her white grape juice. Pizza is definitely her new favorite! Her hair is getting much longer and it's getting hard to keep it out of her face. A bow helps, but only for whatever length of time she is willing to wear it!


Paisley Petals said...

Did she have pink eye?

Jill said...

No, I knew when she got up Wed. morning that she didn't but decided it was too much trouble to change the appt again.