Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun at the park

We took the kids to the Challenger 7 park today. I had never been there before and was impressed by what they had - they have several playgrounds (including one for 2-5 year olds) and they are all covered. There is also a little pond where you can fish. I didn't get any pics of the kids fishing, though, because the women went to get lunch while the men stayed behind with the kids to fish. They caught enough to make them happy, so the fishing gear got packed up after lunch so we could head over to play.

Brady really wanted to make it across the monkey bars - he tried another set that were even higher off the ground, but they were definitely too much for him!

Drew spent a good portion of the day removing rocks from his shoes. The boys spent last night at Grandma's so he only had the sandals he had worn yesterday. We added socks (very stylish!), but it didn't help with keeping the rocks out.
A little rock climbing...
Luke is a wild man! Holly helped him get a hold on the monkey bars, and he thought it was hilarious to hang for a minute and then let Holly catch him.
Mallory is definitely more cautious, but she had fun, too!
The girls were definitly better at rock climbing than Brady - they just had less fear I think.
Attempting a group pic - not too bad, if only Rachel had been looking...

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