Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wish me luck!

I'm really looking forward to our trip to Chicago, esp. now that almost all of the packing is! Can't say I'm looking forward to the actual traveling with the kids, although I'm very happy that Bryan's parents will be along to offer assistance. It will be Mallory's first time on an airplane - Drew has been once before but was a baby at the time, so it might as well be his first time, too.

We've got a lot of fun things planned - Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, Children's Museum, a Cubs game, and Legoland. Of course, that's all on top of the wedding and rehearsal dinner which were the original reasons for our trip. Hopefully the weather will be as good as the weather channel is reporting... not holding my breath on that one!

Now all we have to do is make it to the airport with our three kids, three suitcases, and three car seats. Should be a breeze...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I came home to...

Apparently, the door to the toilet area wasn't quite closed... LIVID is the word that comes to mind! The dogs seem to always be in the "doghouse" - eating vegetables out of the garden, eating poop, using our bath rugs as a bed, etc. I'm sure they will be quite happy that we are heading out of town. At least when someone comes over to let them out and feed them, they will get undivided attention!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another busy weekend!

Yesterday morning was Brady's last t-ball game. Technically, there is one more on the schedule but we will be out of town, so that's it for us. He had a great game, so it was a good way to end the season. Shortly after that, he and Bryan went to Mr. Gatty's for the end of the season party and handing out of the trophies. It was his first trophy with his name and number on it, so I think he was pretty pleased :) As that party was winding down, I drove out there to pick Brady up and take him to a birthday party for two of his classmates. All the girls were excited to see him when we showed up there, it was funny.

Today, my parents and I took the kids to Palm Beach. Fun was had by all... except Mallory :( She wanted NO part of the sand or water - I was quite surprised! I was hoping she would warm up to it, but it was not to be. I sat with her in my lap in the shallow water of the lagoon, and she didn't enjoy it at all. She loves her baths, who knows what that's about? I can understand not liking the sand and maybe the slides, simply because the slides come with lots of noise and she's not fond of the loud noises at the moment.
Brady enjoyed everything! He went down the slides many times and spent a lot of time swimming in the lagoon, too.
Drew was leery of the slides this year. I told him he should go down once with me, and that if he didn't like it, he wouldn't have to go again. He agreed, but stuck with his decision to not ride anymore slides after the one we did together. He had a grand time playing in the sand and swimming with Grandpa, though.

The bright moments for Mallory were having snacks and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. She doesn't usually sit still, so they got more time with her today since she wasn't about to vacate her spot on the blanket!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Latest projects

I ordered three of these embellished band-aid tins on etsy, two for Drew's teachers (he was in the giraffe class) and one for myself. I had a few choices of what to get inside and opted for a little mini album that I could fill in with a couple pics of Drew and what he had to say about his school year.

Take a minute and read what he said... it cracked me up. I had no intention of asking him to recite his school schedule, but this is one of things that came out of our conversation...
I bought paper and ribbon to make similiar gifts for Mallory's bunny teachers, but I couldn't find the band-aid tins so I ended up using these paint cans. Not exactly what I was going for but still pretty cute. I ended up tying that white ribbon around the front to hold up the handle - I wasn't very happy about that but couldn't come up with a better solution. And yes, I know nobody besides me (and maybe Karen) would even notice that or care...

For every month last year, I did a calendar as part of our family scrapbook - filled with pics and journaling about what we did that month. I really enjoyed that I was able to use many pics I probably wouldn't have included otherwise, but I've decided doing a calendar every month is a little much - esp. now that Mallory isn't a baby anymore. So, when I saw a post on Karen's blog on using Project 12 sketches for each month, I knew it would be a good alternative to what I was already doing.

My February layout is actually following the sketch for a different month (either January or March, I think), but I was so excited because I felt like it fit this critter paper I've had for quite a while and really wanted to use.
I spent a good amount of time cutting out this guy and all the grass next to him... the grass is "popping" up in some places - I'm sure it's hard to tell in the pic.
The clouds, owls, and critters below were also cut out of some of the patterned paper and popped up. It's a good way to save yourself buying embellishments, but can be time-consuming to do, too!
My sister-in-law Sheree sent pics out a couple of weeks ago - a friend of hers took family pictures for them and I ordered several for a layout. Again, this is a situation where the pics were so good, I was afraid to screw it up (just like anytime I scrap any of our pics from, but I'm very happy with the result.How cute is baby Reagan?? Can't wait to meet her next week!
Trying to get a better look at the embellishments... a little glitter, but not too much!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fashion Show

Looking cute on her last day of school!
Indiana Mallory
Workin' on her new style - 4 headbands in her hair, one on her arm, and a ponytail holder for a bracelet. All in a day's fun!

Wish I had gotten a pic of her this afternoon. She looked like a bag lady... going around the house with her shopping cart collecting things. She started with pretend food, her apron and chef's hat. After a pass around the house, she had collected a hairbrush, a comb, a pair of Drew's shoes, a headband, and a capri sun from the refrigerator. It was too funny :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

End of school party

I joined Drew at his school party today. We went to get some food, and I put the following on his plate - 2 crackers, a mini quiche, a kolache, and a glazed donut. Before we even walked away from the food table, he tried to take the kolache off and put it I explained it was for me and he decided he would allow it to stay. Of course, he also made sure I understood he wasn't going to eat the quiche, and I assured him that was fine.

I love his new shark hat from gymboree!

Doing some giraffe limbo!

Brady's quilt

After his sleepover on Saturday, Grandma sent Brady home with his new quilt. It looks great on his bed, and he likes it - so we're both happy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

21 months

Happy birthday to Scott, who is a FEW months older than that...

What to say about Mallory? Compared to the boys at this age, she's quite the talker. Brady only had a vocabulary of about 20 words at this age, while I wouldn't even attempt to put a number on the words that Mallory knows. She says a few phrases, too. "I want blankie. I need juice. Go outside!" are some examples. She's gotten "thank you" down pretty well and is starting to understand the beauty of "please". My personal favorite is that she says "scuse you" when she toots or Her jokes are getting a little better. She now says "knock knock. who?" She can repeat anything she wants, but only if she chooses, of course. Unfortunately, one word she has learned recently is "mine" and she uses it often!

She loves to look pretty, but isn't too particular yet about what she wears. She may have a small preference for dresses, but we don't own too many of those. She particularly likes pockets and puts her hands in them when she notices them. She doesn't like flip flops or any other shoes where something goes between her toes. She likes to have her hair fixed, but is equally happy with a pretty bow or pig tails - as long as someone will let her look in the mirror after it's done :) She's just starting liking hats, too.

Mallory still loves to eat, although she's getting pickier (as expected). She likes to feed herself with a fork or spoon and is finally learning to hold them correctly. She would drink juice all day if you let her. She is especially fond of chocolate (who isn't) and asks for yogurt, cheerios, and crackers daily. She will ask for a bib if I forget to put one on and will use it to wipe off her mouth.
She's got three molars now, so we're moving up in the world!

Mallory definitely gets in trouble more than the boys did at her age. Most of it is her personality, I think, but I know some is simply that I sit down to play with her less than I did when I only had one or two kids! I rarely empty the dishwasher in her presence and am constantly trying to get her out of the kitchen chairs. She seems to have much more interest in getting into things she's not supposed to have than playing with her own things. She also has less interest in tv than the boys did. By this age, they could practially sit through a movie, where she rarely makes it through a 20 minute show. Her favorite activity is definitely playing outside. Sometimes, she will ask for shoes and then run to the backdoor, as if I've given her permission to go out there by putting them on! One thing we are working on is holding hands when in the parking lot or crossing a street. She really wants no part of holding my hand, but I have discovered that she is perfectly happy to hold Brady or Drew's, so that's helpful.
I'll probably think of a few more things to add once I post this, but that's it for now... She's trouble, but so cute - and she knows it!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gettin' ready for summer!

I can hardly believe that next week is the last week of school for Drew and Mallory! The week after that, we are heading to Chicago for a family wedding and to spend some time sightseeing with Bryan's brother Marc and his family. I'm really looking forward to the trip and meeting Reagan for the first time :) But, I digress... I'm supposed to be writing about our plans for the summer. So far, I have signed Drew and Brady up for vacation bible school for a week in June and a "lego tech USA" camp for a week in July. Both are half day activities (for the week), and the lego deal was pretty pricey, but it had their names written all over it! I'm still debating about signing Brady up for one other summer camp at the Clear Lake rec center that is much less expensive. The downfall is that Drew isn't old enough. But, if Julie decides to send Zack, I will definitely take the opportunity to let the boys go together. Oh, I almost forgot - I also registered Brady for a single day camp at NASA. It's Star Wars related, and Drew was DEVASTATED when he heard that he was too young to go :( Unfortunately, that probably means a trip to chuck e cheese while Brady is at camp that Other than those scheduled activities, we're going to hit a few summer camp movies at Cinemark, head to the library for storytime, swim at the neighborhood pool, and plan on heading to San Antonio for a visit with my grandmother and aunt. With three little ones at home, you've got to have plans people!!

Last, but not least, I signed myself up for a camp - boot camp! That doesn't sound nearly as fun as what I've got planned for the boys, does it?? It goes for four weeks and starts the week of Memorial Day. I signed up for three days a week so that I could continue to go to jazzercise twice a week. Working out 5 days a week doesn't sound too thrilling (esp. at 5:15 a.m.), but I am excited to get into better shape for the summer!

Oh, I'm also looking at going to a scrapbooking convention that will be at the Galleria in July. I'm sure after the bootcamp, I will deserve some downtime and maybe a glass of wine, don't you think?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

The kids all made me a little something at school, so it was fun to see what they had done.

Mallory made a flower with her thumbprints and didn't want anyone else touching her gift!
Drew also made some flowers on a plaque with the side of his hand and drew me a picture.
Brady made me a book of a few things. There was a page his teacher had filled in with his answers. He remembered that I am 35 years old, but thought I weighed 10 pounds and was 15 feet tall. Obviously, he didn't think much about that one considering he weighs close to 50, but I'll take it!
I got a new charm of each of the kids for my bracelet, so I'm excited to get those put on. All the grandkids went in and got Mary a bracelet for her gift, so she was thrilled with it. All her grandkids' pics in one place, what's not to love? We met them for dinner, and I attempted to take a pic of her and Bill with the kiddos, but it was not to be :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We had a good day yesterday. Bryan opened his presents around lunchtime - of course, Brady can't stand the waiting so it's best to open them asap. I spent the day getting ready for the party. I tried new recipes for bruschetta, black bean salsa, and a jalapeno popper spread. They were all great! I will definitely be making them again.

FYI - we worked on the handprints for Bryan's grill cover last weekend, that is why Mallory took my inkpad and smeared it all over her hands... it was literally within ten minutes of us doing her handprints on the cover, so I know that's where the idea came from :)
The kids spent most of the party out in the front playing baseball, playing darts in the garage, or running around in the backyard. It just happened to work out that it wasn't as hot and humid as it has been the last couple weeks.
Who doesn't love cookie cake??
It's obvious Bryan has had a few beers... it was his suggestion to take this picture! LOL

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting ready...

I've spent a good amount of time this week getting ready for Bryan's birthday party on Saturday. I kept it a secret until yesterday - there's just no way to get the house and food ready for the party without him knowing! I only invited people he works with - some of which I know well, and others that I've only met a time or two. Anyway, it should be fun.

With Bryan's birthday the day before, I'm opting for a low-key Mother's Day. I've requested kolaches/donuts for a late breakfast with mimosas, of course. We are meeting Bryan's parents for an early dinner. Then, Julie's birthday is Tuesday so I asked if she wanted to go to dinner and a movie on Monday. Guess I'll be celebrating quite a bit for the next several days!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arts and Crafts

We worked on some teacher appreciation gifts today...

The finished products - I was impressed that Drew had the patience to sit down and finish both of his flowers today.

What do you mean I'm not supposed to play with your ink pads??? Needless to say, I thought it was out of her reach!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Piggy tails

Karen posted a super cute pic of Brooke sporting pig tails when she was a toddler - it inspired me to try them out on Mallory... love it!