Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture perfect

The kids are all set for their pics next Friday! Here is a preview of what Mallory will be wearing... I can't say enough about my experience with HarpersBowzar on etsy. She made me just the bows I wanted, in a short amount of time, and for a great price!

I had these pants made for Mallory's birthday (seller name "chloesmommy" on etsy OR They go with her cookie monster bow that she and I both love! However, after deciding to also wear the pants for our photo session, I decided to have these piggy bows made as an alternative.
I wanted Mallory to wear a dress for pics, too, and I found this one that I really like. I looked and looked for a bow to go with it and finally decided to have this one made. I gave no guidance at all (other than a pic of the dress), so I was actually surprised to love the first thing she came up with!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Conversations with Brady

A couple things Brady has said this week that I think are worth remembering...

We were discussing the fact that his friend Zack isn't taking karate with him anymore. I suggested he ask Zack why he decided not to do it anymore because maybe he would tell Brady something that he didn't want to tell him mommy. Brady couldn't understand that. "Why would he tell me and not his mommy?" he wanted to know... Let's give it another five years or so and see what you think then!! LOL

On another car ride, I was listening to Brady tell Zack about some of the magic tricks the clowns did at the circus last weekend. He mentioned that one clown got sawed in half, one turned into a tiger, and a couple others that I don't recall. But at the end of his story, this is what he said - "Now, Zack - don't try any of this at home. It's only for professionals!"

Surprise visit

Scott and family were heading back through Houston last night on their way home from their vacation to Colorado. Since we don't get the chance to see them very often, we headed out to Bryan's parents' house for dinner and to visit. I told the kids we were going to see Grandma but made no mention of their cousins being there. Needless to say, they were THRILLED to see them! They had lots of fun playing together, and we didn't get out of there until 11:30 p.m. So, as you can imagine, everyone is exhausted today! I had a hard time getting Drew out of bed this morning - the boys are going to lego camp this week and having a great time. I think Brady is definitely disappointed that tomorrow is already the last day...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet Deals!

Some deals I was excited about this week!

Cute pajamas for Mallory - less than $3 for the set
A new pair of sandals to replace the ones she already outgrew! $6.50
I have been wanting some food warmers for a long time. But, I hadn't found anything I thought was the least bit attractive that I wanted to buy. So, I was very happy to find these at Garden Ridge the other day, on sale for half price. I paid less than $20 to get both! You will definitely be seeing these at Mallory's party :)
Brady was planning on putting this clone trooper gun on his birthday list, but it went on sale at Target so I let him buy it... with his own money, of course! I think he got a great deal, considering it was originally $39.99 and he got it for $20. Part of the reason it costs so much is that you can disassemble it and make it into different guns, each with a different sound effect.

Random pics

A quality photo for my arsenal - Drew in the bath with his little sister, playing "tea", his idea!
Looking pretty! This headband won't stay in with a darn, but it looks cute :)
Playing with one of her "dollies" that Grandma got her - it now resides HIGH on a shelf in the playroom

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's been a low-key week. We've gotten into a routine this summer, which helps me avoid questions every morning from Brady and Drew of "what are we going to do today??" Monday is kind of up in the air, no set plans that day. But, Tuesday, they know we go to exercise in the morning and Brady goes to a bookclub at a local church in the afternoon. Wednesday is storytime at the library and lunch at Chick-fil-A. Thursday is normally pool day, but the weather wasn't looking promising this morning, so we opted to meet Julie and Zack for lunch, and then went bowling. As I suspected, Mallory didn't have any desire to bowl. She ran around and tried to get into trouble while the boys had fun bowling. Next week, however, the boys will be going to lego camp in the mornings, so I think we are ALL looking forward to that! I am amazed at how fast the summer has been going by. It's hard work having all three kids to myself everyday, but it has gone smoother than I expected and we are having fun...most of the time!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A busy weekend, as usual!

These pics didn't show up in the order I wanted, but they don't want to move!!

Saturday morning, we went to a birthday party - our friend Julie (that we know from Victoria) has a daughter who just turned one. She had a ladybug party, so Mallory dressed appropriately :) Kylie, the birthday girl, had a super cute ladybug outfit... I got Julie hooked on etsy, too!

Friday night, we left Mallory at home with a sitter and went to see the Houston Symphony. We got downtown early, and went to eat at Hard Rock Cafe which was walking distance from Jones Hall. Drew fell asleep on the way down there, and was a pill! That's the nicest way I can say it... He was crabby at the restaurant and not much better for the symphony. Thank goodness he fell asleep for almost all of the second half. The concert started with a suite from Star Wars, and I wish I had video of the boys' expressions when they heard the first couple notes - they were in awe! I was disappointed they only did the one song, though. I was hoping for a few, or at least another one as an encore. Brady did enjoy the experience, though. He tried his best to stay awake, but dosed off near the end.

Not the greatest pic, but proof we were there!

Admiring the chess set outside the hall...
Today was busy, but not in a fun way :( Grocery shopping, house cleaning, a little laundry, and going through some clothes for goodwill. But, at least it's done and behind me now! I do have a couple of projects I'm working on for Mallory's party, and I finally got the invitations for her party in the mail!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The kiddos

A brief update on everyone...

Brady was excited to lose his second tooth yesterday. It came out easily, due to the fact that his "big boy" teeth are pushing in from behind! He was happy to see two of his classmates at the pool this morning, and is looking forward to our plans this weekend - tomorrow, we are taking the boys to see the Houston Symphony (part of the music will be Star Wars) and Saturday morning we have a birthday party. As Brady said, he's "hit the jackpot" this week!

I took Drew for his 4 year check-up yesterday. He has finally hit 34 pounds and is almost 38 inches tall - his height is only in the 5-10%, but that's not surprising. Mallory will probably catch up to him soon! He wasn't too cooperative at the office, and it didn't help that Mallory was crying and clinging to me, even though I told her a million times we were there for DREW! They both settled down after a while and were treated to ice cream on the way home. That's the beauty of being a kid - ice cream makes everything better :) He fell asleep after dropping off Brady at karate last night - it was 6:00 p.m. and he slept the whole night. He's still complaining about being tired today, though...sigh.

Mallory's birthday is a month away! She's been acting like she's two for a while now, so I don't expect much will She is definitely stubborn and tries to do everything her own way - not the way you tell her! I am having fun planning her party, even though I know she doesn't care. Although I did go with an elmo and cookie monster theme, so I know she will enjoy seeing all the decorations up in the house. She is still very hesitant in new situations and new places, so I think having the party at the house is the best option for her this year.

On a side note, I did a little clothes shopping last night for the kids. Actually, I didn't find anything I wanted for Drew, but I found several things at jcp for Brady, and some for Mallory (really for next spring) at Kohl's. At both stores, I saved more than I spent, so I was excited! It's the right time of year to go shopping if you still want shorts and short sleeves because they're already putting it all on sale to make way for the fall stuff we won't be able to wear until January...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dose of reality, tomorrow!

I don't know about anyone else's kids, but when mine come home after spending a lot of time with grandmas (or cousins, too), I have to whip them back into shape - I don't mean physically, of course, although that might be The boys spent two nights at Grandma and Grandpa Dinkel's house at the end of last week, and then I picked them up on Saturday to head to San Antonio. Bryan stayed at home, but my mom went with us to visit my grandmother Myrtice. We had a good time, but it's a lot of effort to keep them entertained and not destroy anything at Myrtice's house, esp. when it's so dang hot outside!

We went to a movie late Sunday morning. This was Mallory's first time at the movies, and I didn't have high hopes for how she would do. But, I decided it was a great time to find out since the movie only cost a dollar, and I had another adult with me! She actually did better than I expected, but not well enough that I'm planning on taking her back anytime soon.
After the movie, we headed downtown to the Children's Museum. I was a little disappointed with it - I guess I expected it to be more than what it was. But, the kids enjoyed it, so that's all that matters.

I think Brady's favorite was playing in this airplane -
Downstairs, they had a mock HEB. They all had a good time filling their baskets with food, and then checking out at the register.

The hardest part was trying to keep the fake food out of Mallory's mouth :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

White belt

A few (not so great) pics of Brady at his karate class, including getting his first belt.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrating the 4th... a couple days late

Not sure if it was because it was the day after Drew's birthday, but I didn't feel like doing much on Sunday. I think we need to find a good place to see fireworks in our area and make it a tradition. Although, to be fair, I think Brady is the only one of the kids that would appreciate them right now. Mallory and Drew probably wouldn't take kindly to the One of our friends posted a few pics of a carnival in Pearland they went to - I wonder if there is anything like that around here??

So, tonight we had bbq chicken, baked beans, and deviled eggs. Then, we pulled out our slip n slide of the season. It has two alligators that are supposed to "chomp" up and down and spray you. Needless to say, there is some serious false advertising on that box! It didn't matter though, the kids (and Bryan) still had fun!

Drew is not very adventurous - he waited until the spray was as low as it could go before he "slid" and he didn't make it down very far :)
After we came back in tonight, Bryan looked on the box and said he is pretty much double the weight and triple the age the box suggests...
Brady has finally gotten old enough that a little water in the face doesn't phase him...

Mallory sat on my lap almost the whole time we were outside - no surprise there!
When she finally got up, she just put her hands in the water a few times and wiped her face with it - lovely!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My little man is 4!!

A look at his birthdays so far...

Needless to say, Drew is very happy that his birthday is finally here. He opened his presents this morning and has been enjoying playing with them. As I write, Bryan is helping the boys figure out the new wii game that Drew got from us - Nerf Strike, I think it is. Not surprisingly, Drew is quickly learning to milk this day for all its worth. Uncle Marc and Aunt Sheree gave him a new movie, and I told him he could watch it in the car on the way to his party this afternoon, since it is his special day. A couple hours later, I was eating some m&m's after lunch. He wanted to know if he could have some, since "it's his special day!" lol

Friday, July 2, 2010


Pretty darn excited about the possibility of going to Australia with Bryan in December! He is going for work, seems only fitting that I should get to tag along... assuming grandmas are on board with watching the kiddos. I looked around a little online, found a koala sanctuary that sounds really cool in Brisbane and also looked at some bike tours in Sydney - my cousin went to Australia recently and suggested doing a bike tour to get a lay of the land and to help you decide what you want to go back and see more of. Anyway, I can't remember the last time I rode a bike, esp. other than a stationary one. My question is, is it really something you don't forget how to do?? lol

FYI - I think the only looking Bryan has done was to get an idea of how much my plane ticket would cost. Doesn't that sound just like him? Ha! He will be flying business class, and I'm pretty sure he said his ticket would be in the neighborhood of $8,000 - crazy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

28 minutes

Brady has been asking to watch Ghostbusters for several months now. We said no for a long time, but he finally wore us down. Frankly, I haven't seen the movie that many times so I'm not a good judge of whether or not he should watch it. But, Bryan has seen it a million times and agreed to sit down and watch it with Brady. Close to two weeks ago, I got sick of Brady asking when exactly he was going to get to watch it, so I decided to make the movie a reward. We posted a behavior chart on the refrigerator and once he earned the appropriate number of points, he was going to be able to watch it. Well, he was thrilled to finally earn that privilege tonight. I told him he could watch half tonight with me and finish it tomorrow with Bryan. We watched 28 minutes, and then I stopped it so I could put Mallory to bed. However, Brady wasn't too keen on being left out in the living room without me while I went in Mallory's room.... thus, the end of watching Ghostbusters! He agreed that he isn't ready for it I'm laughing a little, but I also feel bad because he was so excited about it! We'll see how tonight goes - he was ok when I left his room but I won't be surprised if he wakes up with a bad dream later :(