Monday, August 23, 2010

Brady's first day of school

Brady was excited to be heading to his first day of first grade, especially since he found out that his best friend Zack was going to be in his class :) I took him to meet the teacher on Friday, so he decided it would be fine to ride to school today with Zack and Julie... it saved me from dragging everyone out of the car, so I was happy!
When he came through the door this afternoon, his exact words were "First grade is AWESOME!!" I didn't get any specifics on why, but he did mention that he got to see a lot of his friends on the playground this morning, gave his K teacher a hug when he saw her at lunch today, and that he was excited about learning science this year.

With no guidance from me, this is where he put his backpack after school... smart boy!
After digging around in Brady's backpack, I suggested Mallory play with her own backpacks. She has a Dora one that she will be using for school, and a cuter monkey one to carry around town. When I came back in the kitchen and saw that she had hung them here, it cracked me up! She sure does idolize her big brother!

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