Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More firsts!

Yesterday was the first day of school for Mallory and Drew. We met all their teachers on Friday, but I was still unsure how it would be dropping them off... Drew has been looking forward to starting school, mainly because Brady has already been going for a week. But, sometimes when faced with the reality of things, he will change his mind :) I am happy to report that I both dropped kids off and neither shed a tear! This is the first year Drew has started back to school without being upset - it normally takes a few weeks for him to get used to it.

It was no problem dropping him off again this morning, but unfortunately I got a call around lunchtime saying I needed to come get him. Apparently, he's already picked up some type of stomach virus (trying not to be too graphic!) so we came home early today and won't be able to go back tomorrow. Hopefully by Thursday he will be back to normal!

Here are the treats the kids gave to their teachers. I did NOT come up with this idea - I downloaded the candy bar templates on shabbyblogs and then added the picture and text. Pretty cute for minimal time and money, I think!
Mallory looks so old :(
Showing off his Star Wars backpack
Mallory couldn't quite grasp what I was asking her to do - show me her backpack and look over her shoulder. LOL

Mallory's teachers had Drew in their class two years ago. When I picked her up, one of them told me that "Mallory is MUCH sassier than Drew is." Is that an understatement or what??

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mom23 said...

way to kiss up early in the year! I wish my kids would do that for me.:)