Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New and improved

I'm now happy with my new blog design! To make a long story short, I picked one background, didn't like it with the header I made, picked another background, but still wasn't loving my header.  So, I started from scratch again and came up with something I really like!  The trick was to keep putting it on my blog to see what it looked like with the background.  What I liked best just looking at the header in photoshop was NOT what looked best with the background I choose.  Live and learn... now I know what to do next time! Oh, and thanks to Drew and Mallory for playing nicely with each other this morning while I worked on it :)


Momma T said...

Very the owls!

Jill said...

thanks... it wasn't going to be owls starting out, but that's how it ended up! lol