Saturday, August 14, 2010


Mallory's party went really well. She wasn't too shy and had lots of fun, like I'd hoped! We somehow made it through the whole thing with her bow intact - pretty surprising considering we had a small bouncy castle blown up in the dining room that I know she played in.

Here she is checking out the spread. When she came out of her room this afternoon (after NOT taking a nap), she was excited to see the balloons we had blown up, esp. the Elmo head. This morning, she saw several of the decorations for the first time and kept saying, "so cute!" I think she approved :)
Playing "Journey to Ernie" - if you find Ernie in your egg, you get a special surprise!
Brady got one!
Chowing down on some puffy cheetos - definitely one of her favorites! After she finished her two portions, she pilfered a few from a plate someone left laying on the ground...LOL.
Hmmm... not sure about these candles. She was happy to hold Grandma's hand as I suggested.
Mallory agreed to take a picture with her grandparents IF she could hold onto her new baby.
After two pics with Mary's eyes closed, I suggested she look at Mallory instead :)

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