Friday, August 6, 2010

Photo session

We're home from our session with Tasha. The mosquitos tried to carry us away - it will be interesting to see everyone's legs this afternoon. Hopefully no one will be miserable! Mallory was pretty much as I expected - didn't want to sit in the chair, didn't want to go where we wanted her, etc. BUT, she did change into her outfit without complaint and warmed up to Tasha pretty quickly. Thankfully, she was excited about the big lollipop I brought - you just never know with her, sometimes she will refuse things just because she knows you want her to have them!

I knew Drew would be cranky by the end of the session, but he wasn't overly cooperative overall as I'd hoped. We did get some good smiles out of him, but not without a lot of protest! Brady was pretty cooperative - he complained about the mosquitos and how long it was taking (eyeroll) but he did as he was told.

All in all, it was stressful and frustrating at times (as I totally expected), but I know we got at least a few good shots of the three of them together. There will be many great shots of Drew and Brady individually, but I'm not sure if she got anything of Mallory by herself... well, maybe with the sucker! I can't wait to see, but she warned me it would be two weeks, so it's a good thing I've got Mallory's birthday to keep me busy.

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