Thursday, August 19, 2010

T-Minus 4 days

Brady will be a first-grader come Monday morning. I think we are both looking forward to it! He would definitely be happy if summer were a bit longer, but he is ready to visit with some of his friends again and see what the new school year will bring. Although I am excited about him heading back to school, I'm also realizing that next week may not be very relaxing for me with Drew at home and Brady at school. It's been since May that Drew has been at home during the day without Brady, so I know he will be at a loss of what to do without him!

Today we made a trip to the Children's Museum with Karen and Brooke. Since I had three kids, and Karen just had Brooke, I opted to leave my camera at home and let her take all the pictures...LOL. Of course, everyone had a good time and when it was time to go (after 3 hours), Brady said, "Already??" Then, he wanted to know why we couldn't buy anything at the gift shop, since they gave us a coupon when we got our tickets. Instead of the 10% off it actually was, he thought it was $10 off :) Mallory fell asleep on the way home - I'd say she slept for 15 minutes. So, now she is rolling around in the crib... I'm sure that 15 minutes will be all I get out of her today!

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