Friday, September 24, 2010


My mom bought this Aggie dress/shirt for Mallory before she was born.  It is size 12 months but huge!  Of course, the bloomers that came with it are now way too small, so I bought a plain pair of jeans and took them to my tailor. I asked her to cut out the "t's" and put them as patches on the pants.  I also found some maroon material and asked her to put ruffles on the bottom.  They turned out really cute, esp. for only spending $20!

I made a trip to gymboree this week and got some great deals.  They are having their baby sale, so almost everything is on sale for either $10 or $20, plus I had a coupon.  Some of the things I bought ended up being a little less than half price.  I love this owl hat, and better yet, Mallory likes it!  After I discovered she would actually wear it, I went back and bought another sweater top to go with it :)

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