Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun at the Park

Bryan took Brady to the Astros game last night - needless to say, Drew was a little upset about not going along.  But, we headed over to the park after dinner and met Julie and Zack there. Drew was definitely excited about the prospect of playing with Zack without Brady...LOL.  He is also thrilled that he got invited to a birthday party next week at Chuck E. Cheese - even if he doesn't really play with the classmate that invited him, we're still going!  It's hard when Brady is getting invitations left and right and Drew is just getting old enough to have his own friends :)

Zack was having a grand time rolling down the hill, so Drew decided to try it out.  Notice how he is not letting his head touch the ground... Mallory squatted down and then decided she didn't want any part of it because she didn't want her hands touching the grass.  She even managed to get up from sitting on the ground without using her hands. LOL  

There was a dad at the park that brought his guitar.  He was playing it a bit, and Mallory said "That a rock star??"  Julie and I were cracking up!! Too funny.

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