Friday, October 29, 2010

Me & Mallory

It's pretty peaceful around the house tonight because Mallory and I are on our own.  We went out for an early dinner and took a stroll around the neighborhood.  I considered going to the park but decided against it because her knee is still healing from the spill she took last weekend.  

Bryan and his dad took the boys camping, along with Brady's friend Zack.  They will be gone until tomorrow night.  I've decided what I am enjoying most about their absence (other than time with Mallory) is a bathroom that doesn't smell like pee. LOL  Normally, I can clean it and it is literally an hour before it smells again.  I think that just goes along with having boys!

Zack spent the night here last night, too. Julie and Jeff are looking for a house in St. Louis this weekend.  They are set to move the first weekend of December :(  We are sad, but Brady was very excited about Zack having a sleepover, even more so when he found out he would also be going camping.  Only problem is, Drew now wants to know why we can't chocolate donuts for breakfast every morning!

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