Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas shopping

Seems like a lot of my time lately has been occupied with christmas shopping... my own and others!  I have made a large dent but haven't spent so much that I have to stop looking. lol  As I mentioned on facebook, I went to the Klutz website tonight and was amazed by all their stuff!  I have seen books of theirs a few times before, but had no idea the collection was so vast.  I'm excited to get what I ordered and see it in person.  The other discovery I made today was at World Market.  A yard of gum - basically a clear tube one yard long filled with big bubble gum balls.  I felt it had Santa's name written all over it!

This Saturday, I am planning on going to Santa's shopping mall at the church where Drew and Mallory go to school.  My jazzercise instructor plays a big part in putting it together and seems to think I will find a few things for Mallory there :)

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