Monday, November 22, 2010

Dewberry Farms

We had lots of fun at Dewberry Farms today.  It was really windy, so excuse our hair in some of these pictures. lol  I took around 150 pictures, so there are a bunch of cute ones.  I shot in continuous mode, which means sometimes I took 3-5 of basically the same shot. But, it allowed me to get one good shot of Grandma and Grandpa with their grandkids - everyone was looking forward except one, so I was able to take her head from another shot where she was facing forward and swap it out :)

First pic of the day - not too shaby!

 A look into the day's activities... 

Riding the corn "train"

 Attempting to rope a calf

Riding out to see the Christmas trees

Testing out the tractors

Taking some fun pics

 Shooting the corn cannon

Going down the pipe slide

Riding on toys that were meant for children (not just adults that act like children, Uncle Scott)

Having fun with our cousins

Making a graceful landing after playing in the fort

My "after" shot of Bill & Mary with their grandkids (minus Dawson and Reagan, of course)

Tomorrow, the men are off to go camping with all the kids, minus Mallory.  The woman are going shopping and relaxing... as much as we can with Mallory in tow, that is!

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