Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

I had lunch with Drew at school today to celebrate Thanksgiving - the kids either made pilgrim or indian hats, and they made their own placemats.  The pic of him wearing the turkey on his head is too funny!

Although there was plenty of food, Drew didn't have much of a feast himself.  He turned down turkey, cheese, carrots, and grapes.  He accepted some apple slices, some type of roll (looked like it had powdered sugar on the top), and a meatball.  I feel certain he had NO idea it was meat - all he heard was that there was chocolate on top (ever heard of a meatball with chocolate? I haven't!).  He didn't eat the whole thing, but he did eat more than one bite, so I was surprised!  The apples ended up being too "mushy" for his liking.. not sure if that was the exact word he used, but it was something along those lines :)

Here is the picture I took of Mallory today - she requested I take it after I took one of Drew in his hat.  Looking cute as usual!  We've gotten lots of compliments on the

Brady would like everyone to know he earned a yellow strip this week at karate.  We've been practicing at home, so he was well prepared!  Tonight, we are sitting down and working on thank you notes from his birthday.  We took this picture to show some of his friends the lego set he was able to buy with his birthday money.

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