Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another sketch challenge...

I came across a new blog a few weeks ago for Imaginisce.  It is a scrapbooking company that I had heard of in the past, but really wasn't familiar at all with their products.  Apparently, they have a sketch challenge every month, and December's just happened to be one that I really liked -

I was quite excited to discover that I had already purchased a few papers from their Cottage Christmas line. So, I took a break from my digital scrapping and came up with this -

I had no plans on what to use for the title, but I love the way it turned out!
It's much easier to see in person, doesn't get "lost" as much as it does in the pictures.

I had this page done several days before Christmas.  I would normally take pics right away but decided to wait and take a few while the sun was out.  Flash forward to today... I finally take the pictures, thinking that my submission is due tomorrow.  I was quite disappointed to find out I missed the deadline by three days!  The "counter" at the bottom of the post where the sketch is located (and where you put a link to your page) says there are still 23 hours left, but in reality the deadline was the 27th :(  

I'm still happy I used the sketch, but there were some really awesome prizes I could have won! lol

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