Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hermie and Incredible Hulk

I went by the pet store today and picked up a hermit crab for Drew and one for Brady.  They were VERY unsure of picking them up and weren't willing to let the crabs walk on their hands.  But, they had a great time watching them run around on the floor and kept checking up on them once they were in their habitat.

This is Incredible Hulk.  I thought that Drew was
going to name him Mr. Crabs, which I liked.  Apparently,
sometime yesterday Bryan was throwing out other
name suggestions and said the Incredible Hulk if he was green.
So, when I brought his guy home, that ended up 
being his name.  I tried to talk Drew back into Mr. Crabs,
but it was a no go! 

Brady watching Hermie

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