Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

A few pics from Christmas Eve...

Brady finding out that we are going to
Sea World on Monday

Presents from Uncle Marc and family

Mallory asked Jingles (our elf) the other day
for a "Dora present" - I guess she got her wish!

When she got up this morning, I told her Santa
had come. She ignored that and told me she wanted 
to play with her Dora house.. good thing I had moved
it into the playroom :)

The boys watching me open their present - a
Bon Jovi t-shirt and cd.  We immediately put the cd
in and they rocked out to "You Give Love
A Bad Name," which they discovered on lego
Rock Band.

Presents from Santa

Brady couldn't believe he actually got a bb gun!

Drew had never seen this toy story playset before,
but he said it was his favorite gift... along with
Stinky the Garbage Truck.

Mallory and her FurReal puppy - he makes all kinds
of noises and can be walked on his leash.  The dogs
weren't too sure what to make of it. lol

All three kids got new pj's from Santa, and Mallory and Drew already changed into theirs - they were definitely a bigger hit than I would have thought.  We took some video when they came out and discovered their toys this morning, so I'll get that posted in the next day or two.

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