Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sea World San Antonio

The kids got tickets to Sea World as one of our Christmas presents to them.  Brady was quite excited when he found out it was only a matter of days before we would be going.  We left pretty early yesterday morning, spent the day at Sea World, and then stayed the night at a hotel nearby.  When we got up this morning, it was raining, so it worked out well!

The kids spent most of the day eating, lol.

Mallory watching her Sesame Street friends on stage

Hopefully, we will make it back to see the new
Sesame Street Bay of Play while Mallory
is still interested - it opens in 76 days.

Drew's first roller coaster ride :)  He complained afterwards 
that he kept hitting his head, but he was definitely 
smiling and laughing during the ride.

Mallory guzzling some hot chocolate - she
couldn't get enough!

The boys both picked a stuffed Shamu as their souvenir.

Before we even left the hotel this morning, Brady wanted to know when we were going to the pet store to get hermit crabs for him and Drew.  To be fair, I did tell him we would get them after our trip to Sea World... as usual, he figured it wasn't too early to start asking!

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