Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's not to love??

beautiful babies, cute outfits, pretty paper (with lots of glitter!), ribbon, and flowers! Of course, the pics don't do the layout justice - you can see a hint of the glitter in the pics, but nothing compared to what it looks like in person :)

It seems like just the other day that we found out my sister-in-law was having a little girl! Reagan is already four months old and now sporting many of Mallory's cute outfits. I'm happy that M's clothes are being used by someone that appreciates them and even happier that I can document it.

FYI - if there is any doubt, Mallory is always the pale Oh, and thanks to Karen for the gift card - I used it to buy stuff for this layout (plus a few other things).

Monday, April 26, 2010

Update on Mallory

I took Mallory back to the doctor this morning. She is sounding better, but is not over the pneumonia yet. Her chest x-ray was a definite improvement over last week's, but there is still an affected area of the lung that the doctor said may not be totally clear for another month. She's got a few days left of antibiotic and we are continuing the breathing treatments until her cough is less noticeable. Then, we will go back for another appointment in a month to make sure her lungs are clear.

I will be glad when the breathing treatments aren't necessary anymore. She's not awful, but she's certainly not a happy camper when I tell her it's time to do one. She will be cooperative for a minute and thrashing around the next, but I know it could be a lot worse!

Mallory has developed a new habit in the last few weeks. When she doesn't want to do something (or let go of something she's not supposed to have), she likes to "hide." I use the term "hide" VERY loosely. For her, it means hiding her face from you and standing as still as she can - I can almost see her little brain working - "maybe if I'm perfectly still and don't look them in the face, I can get away with this!" Of course, we all get a good laugh out of this! Here she is trying to get out of a breathing treatment...
The other thing that has been cracking me up is that she LOVES her antibiotic. She thought it was ok for the first couple days, but now she looks forward to it. When I call her to the kitchen and tell her it's time for her medicine, she gets all giddy... it's too funny! I need to remember to get the video camera out before there's no medicine left...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kemah boardwalk

Some fun with the family at Kemah today...
Most of the time ("most" being the key word), the kids are very sweet to each other. Here, Brady saw that Drew was getting a little too far ahead of us, so he caught up to him and took his hand.
Drew won a prize "fishing" and decided to pick a prize for Mallory instead of himself :)
Mallory before the carousel ride - not sure about what was going on, but interested
Once it went around a few times, she wasn't very pleased... probably didn't help that she was already tired and yawning around 9:00 a.m. this morning.
She enjoyed the red baron more and was steering both
"Choo, choo" she is saying!
Enjoying some ice cream

Don't worry, I ate most of the ice cream out of the cone before I gave it to her.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Latest project

Nothing terribly creative here - I copied two of the layouts from the book in my last kit, with some minor changes. But, I was happy to get something recent scrapped with the paper and ribbon they provided... and I think they turned out cute!

Left page - pics from spring break at Challenger 7 park

What it looks like with the "book" open -

The right hand page

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I may be sick...

but that doesn't stop me from being super cute!

I bought the zebra shirt from etsy, and then found some ribbon to embellish the pants. I planned on doing the pants myself, but when Mary and I pulled out my sewing machine, they proved to be much more difficult than expected! For some reason, the ribbon kept slipping off the blue jean material... so it became a two hour project instead of the 20 minutes or so we were expecting.

I think most of you have already seen on facebook that Mallory has pneumonia. I took her to the doctor yesterday and was quite surprised by the diagnosis. She has had congestion for two weeks now, but I didn't think it was anything that serious because she hasn't been acting like she feels that bad. Anyway, she got an injection at the office and the doctor told me that if he didn't see any improvement today, we would have to treat her at the hospital. So, I was very happy this morning because she slept much better last night and the doctor thought she sounded much better, too. We came home with a nebulizer and antibiotic and are scheduled to go back Monday morning to make sure she is doing well. The doctor did also say that asthma may be a factor here. That wouldn't surprise me considering I've had it for as long as I can remember.

Fun with Grandpa

The boys got water guns in their easter baskets from Grandma Dinkel. For a good week, they were happy to play with them in the house - pretending to be some of the characters from Star Wars. However, once Grandma and Grandpa came over to visit, they were keen on getting Grandpa out in the backyard to have a water gun fight.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New floors!



The pics give you a good idea, but I definitely think they look much better in person. I'm very happy with my selection - I felt good about what I picked, but how can you really know what it will look like based on one small board??

Friday, April 16, 2010

The floors are looking great! It looks like they might get it finished tonight. They were here until almost 8 p.m. last night, finishing up the living room. Today they are working on the hallway, then will have to go around and do all the trim and thresholds.

Of course, I did get a call yesterday morning saying Mallory could come to school, but she had a fever again. Amazingly, she took a good nap while they were here working - I'm not sure how, it was so loud! She didn't feel warm anymore last night, but this morning she felt like she had a slight fever again. I'm guessing it's just a minor version of the virus she already had - courtesy of the fact that she swiped Brady's cup a few times when he was sick and drank from it.

Brady is scheduled to have a tball game tomorrow morning - here's hoping the weather holds out! It actually worked out pretty well for us last weekend because we didn't get up and get ready for his 9:00 a.m. game knowing that he was sick, and the game ended up getting rained out after the first inning.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I hate to put it in writing, but it appears that Mallory is fine. When she woke up from her nap yesterday, her fever was gone and she hasn't felt warm since. I took her to school today as usual and ran around town. This evening, they brought the flooring to the house - it is sitting in the playroom and Bryan and I are dismantling things in the living room. Really, I am moving things I don't want broken when they move the entertainment center, and he is messing with all the electronic stuff. It's going to be very interesting at the house tomorrow with Mallory while they are working on the floors. She's getting into trouble all the time anyway, who knows what she will do tomorrow with so many restrictions?? I was hoping to take her to school, but it looks like they usually have the limit in her room on Thursdays :(

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Virus, virus go away...

But, don't come back some other day! Brady finally starting feeling better on Sunday. Not well enough to go to a birthday party at fun maxx, but well enough that I took him and Drew to the movies. So, yesterday everyone went back to school, and I went back to my normal routine... or so I thought! Now, Mallory has a fever again. Not sure what to think. All the kids followed the same general pattern when they were sick - fever for several days, congestion, hardly any appetite, several days after the fever to get back to normal. Mallory's congestion is still pretty bad, though, so now that she has a fever again, I guess I will call the doctor. I didn't worry about it before - just figured it was a virus that had to run it's course.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ta da!

The boys' room is done! Here are a few pics -

Friday, April 9, 2010

It figures!

I've been searching for WEEKS for some hot pink flip flops for Mallory - I wanted to add some ribbon to them to go with her zebra shirt. I specifically ordered two shirts from the gap just so I could stomach paying the shipping fee for the $3.50 flip flops from old navy...yada,yada,yada... they sent me purple instead of pink and pink is no longer available in her size %#&*. So, then I discovered a local bow maker makes flip flop bows and I decided ANY color would do - of course, she's got plenty of cute outfits to work with :) This discovery was, of course, right after I returned the purple ones to old navy, so I was back to square one. I went looking again and was very excited to find both brown and hot pink flip flops in her size at Target. I snatched them up and just kept my fingers crossed that they would fit. I pulled the brown ones out this afternoon, and Mallory wanted NO part of them! I ended up putting one on her while she was kicking and screaming, hoping that she would settle down once she had it on and walked around. No such luck! She threw a major fit and when I tried to put one of her bows on the shoe (thinking she would like that) she protested even more loudly. Apparently she likes bows in her HAIR, but NOT on her shoes! Why am I not surprised??

In other news, Mallory is feeling better, but Brady is now sick. He missed school yesterday and today and is very disappointed that he won't be able to play in his baseball game tomorrow. He's had a fever since Wed, so I think tomorrow he will probably start feeling better (based on how it went with Drew and Mallory). This was already an irregular week with Bryan being out of town a few days, so I'm barely aware of what day it is by this point. I didn't make it to jazzercise a single day this week, which is unheard of! However, I've done a few more things in the boys' room, so I think I will be ready tomorrow to take pics of the finished project.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cute kids

This pic was not planned by me at ALL. Drew sat in the chair, Mallory sat beside him, Drew put his arm around her, Drew said "take a picture!" So, I ran and got the camera and this is what I was rewarded with :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

A happy easter

I didn't take any pictures Easter morning, just video. The Easter bunny came, and the boys were thrilled to each get a Star Wars lego set. Brady spent a couple hours working on his Darth Vader set, while Bryan put together Drew's set. We let them get up at 7:00 a.m. - Brady says he got up at 5:00 a.m. and never went back to sleep... and I believe it! The boys did their hunt first, and then we got Mallory up. It worked out well because the only eggs left were hers to find. I think Bryan and I were both surprised she was actually willing to find the eggs and put them in her basket, rather than opening and eating whatever was inside each one as she found it! She was excited about her Elmo camera and movie, although I think I already lost the camera... bad mommy! We took it to Target today, and I'm pretty sure I left it in the shopping cart :( I rarely let the kids take anything out of the car, but she wasn't feeling well, so I didn't argue the point. Clearly it was/is a good rule!

As has been the tradition the last several years, we went to my parents' house for Easter dinner. We only took one pic of all of us together - can you believe this is what we got??

Brady always enjoys playing pool with Grandma and Grandpa. Drew isn't tall enough, but enjoyed watching.

My mom did a hunt for the kids, but the bigger hunt is actually for the adults. It involved candy, lottery scratch-offs, and a grand prize of $100 (she collected my dad's change over a number of The only time I really win anything is when a plant is involved, but there weren't any to be won this year so I only took in some chocolate and a $1 on a scratch-off.
Poor Mallory - she was in good spirits, did some egg hunting and traipsed around mom's backyard. But, by mid-afternoon she had a fever and just couldn't stay awake any longer...
She hardly ate anything today, so I'm hoping she's going to feel much better tomorrow.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coloring eggs

While Mallory was napping, we colored our eggs.

Later that afternoon, we got them back out to decorate. Mallory picked Sesame Street stickers, and the boys picked Star Wars.
Here, Mallory has moved on to plastic eggs. She was playing with the real eggs until the second one dropped on the floor :) The boys said I should put a treat in one of the eggs since they had gotten a piece of candy earlier in the day and she hadn't.
Mmmmm, animal crackers!
Showing off their work...
I didn't do a great job this year with the eggs. I put them back in the refrigerator after coloring them because I'm using them for deviled eggs. However, they didn't dry very well, and before I realized it, the kids had dye all over the hands. Also, I took them out to warm up a little, but obviously it wasn't long enough because our stickers still didn't want to stick! This happens every year - why do I still buy those stickers??

School egg hunts

Both Brady and Drew had egg hunts at school on Thursday. It worked out well because I was able to take Mallory to school, head to Drew's hunt, and then move on to Brady's.

It was organized chaos at Brady's hunt. The entire kindergarten hunted for eggs at the same time. They were allowed to find 12 eggs, numbered 1 through 12, but the catch was that they had to find them in order. It definitely slowed us down!
After the hunt, they had a picnic outside, spent some time on the playground, and had popsicles. I neglected to put any sunscreen on Brady that morning, and he definitely had a red face and neck when he came home from school :( Having practice later that night probably didn't help...