Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More firsts!

Yesterday was the first day of school for Mallory and Drew. We met all their teachers on Friday, but I was still unsure how it would be dropping them off... Drew has been looking forward to starting school, mainly because Brady has already been going for a week. But, sometimes when faced with the reality of things, he will change his mind :) I am happy to report that I both dropped kids off and neither shed a tear! This is the first year Drew has started back to school without being upset - it normally takes a few weeks for him to get used to it.

It was no problem dropping him off again this morning, but unfortunately I got a call around lunchtime saying I needed to come get him. Apparently, he's already picked up some type of stomach virus (trying not to be too graphic!) so we came home early today and won't be able to go back tomorrow. Hopefully by Thursday he will be back to normal!

Here are the treats the kids gave to their teachers. I did NOT come up with this idea - I downloaded the candy bar templates on shabbyblogs and then added the picture and text. Pretty cute for minimal time and money, I think!
Mallory looks so old :(
Showing off his Star Wars backpack
Mallory couldn't quite grasp what I was asking her to do - show me her backpack and look over her shoulder. LOL

Mallory's teachers had Drew in their class two years ago. When I picked her up, one of them told me that "Mallory is MUCH sassier than Drew is." Is that an understatement or what??

Monday, August 30, 2010

July layout

In case you aren't on facebook much or if you missed it, check out Scrapbook and Cards Today. They posted a few layouts today that were submitted for the July sketch, and mine was one of them - you are looking for the post entitled "Project 12 - July reveal - September sketch!" I was very excited because this is the first time I've ever submitted anything, and I've decided I should start doing it more to get some feedback on my work. That was what I enjoyed most about going to the bookclub - showing off my work to other people who could appreciate it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Household happenings

It's been a hectic couple of days! Yesterday, I went to exercise, took Drew and Mallory to meet their teachers, and then took Mallory for her 2 year check-up. She did NOT want to be weighed and demonstrated her displeasure. I finally got her to stand on the scale long enough to see she weighs 28 pounds. Her height came out at 38 inches. She was cooperative for the measurement, but I'm not sure I believe it because that's how tall Drew is. They are close in size, but I don't think she's quite his height yet. She was good for the rest of the visit, which surprised me :)

This morning was a birthday party for one of Brady's classmates from last year. I came home for an hour or so, and then went to the local scrapbook store to "work" the garage sale for a couple hours. I bought half a table of space to sell some of my stuff, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover only one thing left when I got there this afternoon! I did price it generously - I didn't want to bring anything back home! Sometime on Monday I will be able to find out how much I made. I don't get the actual cash, but I get a gift card to the store which is just as good...LOL. I scoped out the store today to get an idea of what I would like to buy when I return!

Mallory is still deciding whether or not she will give up naps. She took one today, but she has now been in her crib for an hour and is still awake :( We'll see how school starting this week will affect her. Brady enjoyed his first week of school and was excited to find out that baseball practice starts this week. Drew says he is ready to start school, too, but I'll believe it when I see it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Frozen yogurt

I think Brady and I both saw the same commercial about freezing these small yogurts.  Somehow, by freezing and putting a stick in them, they taste so much better!  And, of course, since her brothers like them, Mallory needed one, too.  The only downfall of eating them this way is it takes FOREVER...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New and improved

I'm now happy with my new blog design! To make a long story short, I picked one background, didn't like it with the header I made, picked another background, but still wasn't loving my header.  So, I started from scratch again and came up with something I really like!  The trick was to keep putting it on my blog to see what it looked like with the background.  What I liked best just looking at the header in photoshop was NOT what looked best with the background I choose.  Live and learn... now I know what to do next time! Oh, and thanks to Drew and Mallory for playing nicely with each other this morning while I worked on it :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brady's first day of school

Brady was excited to be heading to his first day of first grade, especially since he found out that his best friend Zack was going to be in his class :) I took him to meet the teacher on Friday, so he decided it would be fine to ride to school today with Zack and Julie... it saved me from dragging everyone out of the car, so I was happy!
When he came through the door this afternoon, his exact words were "First grade is AWESOME!!" I didn't get any specifics on why, but he did mention that he got to see a lot of his friends on the playground this morning, gave his K teacher a hug when he saw her at lunch today, and that he was excited about learning science this year.

With no guidance from me, this is where he put his backpack after school... smart boy!
After digging around in Brady's backpack, I suggested Mallory play with her own backpacks. She has a Dora one that she will be using for school, and a cuter monkey one to carry around town. When I came back in the kitchen and saw that she had hung them here, it cracked me up! She sure does idolize her big brother!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mallory at age 2

I saw a similar layout on the blog for Scrapbook and Cards Today - they had taken the number five and filled it with pictures... it seemed like a good starting point for a page to journal what Mallory is like at her current age!

This how the journaling reads - Mallory at age 2:

* has an extensive vocabulary - She says things like “I’m
thirsty” or “I need a snack.”
* favorite phrase is “Stop Mommy!” LOL
* latest phrase is “I had a good nap.” She tells me this
before I can ask!
* has NO volume control!
* consistently calls the dogs by the wrong names
* wants things done HER way...
- will get her hair done if she picks where she sits
- must sit on the right side of my lap while reading a story
- will hold someone’s hand in the parking lot if she picks whose
* has excellent “selective” hearing and chooses to ignore us
* counting to three is normally an effective way to get her to
do something, but certainly not always!
* loves her brothers and misses them when they’re away
* has graduated to a big girl chair at restaurants because she
can undo the highchair buckle :( this is also an issue at
the grocery store!
* climbs into the kitchen chairs and into her high chair which
makes me nervous!
* is slowly getting over her anxiety over new places/things
* loves babies
* Enjoys sitting in her rocking chair and reading her books, which
she asks for by name - “bean” (Peas and Thank You) “Choo
Choo” (Chugga Chugga Choo Choo) “Stuck in the Muck” (Duck
in the Truck) “Elmo picnic” ( A Perfect Picnic)

My new gallery!

Pics from our most recent session with Tasha - awesome as usual!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

T-Minus 4 days

Brady will be a first-grader come Monday morning. I think we are both looking forward to it! He would definitely be happy if summer were a bit longer, but he is ready to visit with some of his friends again and see what the new school year will bring. Although I am excited about him heading back to school, I'm also realizing that next week may not be very relaxing for me with Drew at home and Brady at school. It's been since May that Drew has been at home during the day without Brady, so I know he will be at a loss of what to do without him!

Today we made a trip to the Children's Museum with Karen and Brooke. Since I had three kids, and Karen just had Brooke, I opted to leave my camera at home and let her take all the pictures...LOL. Of course, everyone had a good time and when it was time to go (after 3 hours), Brady said, "Already??" Then, he wanted to know why we couldn't buy anything at the gift shop, since they gave us a coupon when we got our tickets. Instead of the 10% off it actually was, he thought it was $10 off :) Mallory fell asleep on the way home - I'd say she slept for 15 minutes. So, now she is rolling around in the crib... I'm sure that 15 minutes will be all I get out of her today!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Mallory!

I would say it's hard to believe Mallory is two years old, but I've been labeling her as two for a while now based on her behavior...lol. Bryan took the day off today - we went for donuts this morning, and then to a local bounce house place. After naptime (I hope), it will be time for more presents. I let her open Aunt Holly and family's gift this morning because I knew she would want to wear it. Sure enough, she saw her new Elmo shirt and started trying to rip off her jammies! She has been carrying around many of the presents from her party - the babies from both grandmas are getting carted around in the stroller and put down to sleep in the pack & play. Her Sesame Street cd player and phone have gone in the car several times - they are a good size for that. I've caught Drew playing with the babies a few times, and Mallory didn't take too kindly to that!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Mallory's party went really well. She wasn't too shy and had lots of fun, like I'd hoped! We somehow made it through the whole thing with her bow intact - pretty surprising considering we had a small bouncy castle blown up in the dining room that I know she played in.

Here she is checking out the spread. When she came out of her room this afternoon (after NOT taking a nap), she was excited to see the balloons we had blown up, esp. the Elmo head. This morning, she saw several of the decorations for the first time and kept saying, "so cute!" I think she approved :)
Playing "Journey to Ernie" - if you find Ernie in your egg, you get a special surprise!
Brady got one!
Chowing down on some puffy cheetos - definitely one of her favorites! After she finished her two portions, she pilfered a few from a plate someone left laying on the ground...LOL.
Hmmm... not sure about these candles. She was happy to hold Grandma's hand as I suggested.
Mallory agreed to take a picture with her grandparents IF she could hold onto her new baby.
After two pics with Mary's eyes closed, I suggested she look at Mallory instead :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm so excited...

to be done with this layout! It is all digital, done with photoshop on the computer. I wanted to work on a project while I was taking my class, to see what kind of questions I might run into that my teacher could answer :) This is a scraplift, i.e. I copied someone else's layout. I bought the digital kit that had all the papers, embellishements, and letters I needed. However, I did all the work by myself, from scratch - no template. In case you haven't noticed, this layout is very involved. It had over 70 layers (each picture, letter, frame, etc. is on it's own layer), so I had to be careful about naming each layer to keep everything straight, especially when I was placing the pictures in the frames. But, it was a great choice because I was able to use many of the things I've learned in class and also to refresh my memory of some things I learned in the class last summer.

I was just looking at the two digital layouts Karen posted, and I realized something about scrapbooking digitally. In some respects, it can save you time. If you are only scrapping one picture with only a few elements, it can be quick and easy because there is no cutting, adhering, etc. But, in the case of something with MANY elements, it can eat up a large chunk of your time...LOL. That's ok - I'm happy with the final result!

* remember to click on the layout to see it bigger, otherwise get out your magnifying glass!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Guess I had time to scrap after all...

Showing you the hidden pics...

I'm almost done with a cute layout of Mallory, just letting the pictures dry... I got photoshop installed on my computer, so I'm good to go! Now I just need to play with it and figure out what questions to ask my teacher. LOL

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Night and day!

We had lots of fun taking the kids to Palm Beach last night. Mallory hated it in May, but she loved it yesterday! She didn't want to sit in the sand, but had fun playing in it. She "swam" in the lagoon, too, but I think her favorite part was going down the water slide. Everytime we went, she said "Go, again!" Neither she nor Drew were fond of the fireworks, but they tolerated them, so it worked out fine.

Before we left the house, I discovered that Bryan had never been to Palm Beach before. I knew he hadn't been recently with the kids, but I didn't realize he had never been! As we were sitting watching the kids play in the sand, he made a comment that "this was his kind of beach, no sun!" It was definitely nice enjoying it without having to worry about sunscreen and walking on the hot sand that is normally almost unbearable. If they do the Bands on the Sand next summer, we will definitely head back, esp. for only $6 a person!

Drew going down the slide with Brady didn't work out so well...LOL. But, he went back with me and Bryan several times and loved it!

Quality photo of me!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Photo session

We're home from our session with Tasha. The mosquitos tried to carry us away - it will be interesting to see everyone's legs this afternoon. Hopefully no one will be miserable! Mallory was pretty much as I expected - didn't want to sit in the chair, didn't want to go where we wanted her, etc. BUT, she did change into her outfit without complaint and warmed up to Tasha pretty quickly. Thankfully, she was excited about the big lollipop I brought - you just never know with her, sometimes she will refuse things just because she knows you want her to have them!

I knew Drew would be cranky by the end of the session, but he wasn't overly cooperative overall as I'd hoped. We did get some good smiles out of him, but not without a lot of protest! Brady was pretty cooperative - he complained about the mosquitos and how long it was taking (eyeroll) but he did as he was told.

All in all, it was stressful and frustrating at times (as I totally expected), but I know we got at least a few good shots of the three of them together. There will be many great shots of Drew and Brady individually, but I'm not sure if she got anything of Mallory by herself... well, maybe with the sucker! I can't wait to see, but she warned me it would be two weeks, so it's a good thing I've got Mallory's birthday to keep me busy.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Brief hiatus

I've taken a break from scrapbooking the last few weeks while I've been working on getting ready for Mallory's party. Now that I've done what I can do until the party gets closer, I've had some time to do a couple layouts.

End of the year school parties for the boys -
My May layout -

It might be a while again before you see anything else! I'm taking another class on photoshop these next two weeks. Between that and Mallory's birthday, I'm guessing scrapbooking will be on the back burner for a while again :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Halloween ?!?

I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that Brady's been talking about what he wants to be for Halloween for a while now. There's been talk of a bad guy from Star Wars or a ghostbuster. I remembered a few days ago that I had bought Mallory a really cute flapper dress last fall and stuck it in her closet for dress-up play down the road. I decided it would be super cute if she wore that for Halloween and the boys dressed up as gangsters. While I'm not a huge fan of dressing up little boys as gangsters, they are gung ho about weapons in general, and there's really nothing I can do to deter that... So, I knew if I suggested this idea to Brady, he would probably be open to it if he got to carry a toy gun. And, I also knew that Drew would be open to it IF Brady was! LOL

Fast forward a couple hours - I pull the flapper dress out of Mallory's closet, and she gets excited when she sees it. I ask if she wants to try it on, and she immediately starts pulling her shirt off. She gets her shirt off, and I go to pull the dress over her head. Once I get it over her head, she starts having a fit and decides she doesn't want to put it on... I have NO IDEA WHY!! I tried to bribe her later on in the evening with candy, and she wouldn't go for it, which is unheard of! So, it's not looking good for the flapper this halloween :(