Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Brady was excited to get his orange belt at karate last night.  It was a long time to wait since he actually tested for it last Monday... or, at least it felt like a long time to him!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Zoo trip

We took advantage of the nice weather today and went to the zoo with Karen and her girls.  Mallory was thrilled to see "baby Kate" - she likes Brooke too, but she has a thing for babies :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Go, Owls!

We finally had our first baseball game of the season today!  I was worried earlier in the week that the weather wouldn't cooperate, so I'm happy things went as scheduled.  Grandma and Grandpa Dinkel came to watch Brady, so I made a point to take the camera.  Drew and Mallory are definitely going to be a handful, so I wanted to get a few pics today while I had other helpers...LOL.

Brady did great.  He got hits both times he was at the plate - the first time he fouled a few balls off first, the second time he hit the first pitch.  From my perspective, it was a pretty boring game because a lot of the kids didn't hit the ball, but Brady did well so we were happy!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I love quick pages!

I'm also in love with almost anything from sweet shoppe designs - it's digital scrapbooking kits, templates, quick pages, etc.

Here are two quick pages I used for our trip to San Antonio this summer.  The layout was completely done for me, all I did was add the pictures and journaling.  I have another 4-5 pages that came in this set, two that have owls, so you will probably be seeing those soon... esp. with Mallory's new hat!


My mom bought this Aggie dress/shirt for Mallory before she was born.  It is size 12 months but huge!  Of course, the bloomers that came with it are now way too small, so I bought a plain pair of jeans and took them to my tailor. I asked her to cut out the "t's" and put them as patches on the pants.  I also found some maroon material and asked her to put ruffles on the bottom.  They turned out really cute, esp. for only spending $20!

I made a trip to gymboree this week and got some great deals.  They are having their baby sale, so almost everything is on sale for either $10 or $20, plus I had a coupon.  Some of the things I bought ended up being a little less than half price.  I love this owl hat, and better yet, Mallory likes it!  After I discovered she would actually wear it, I went back and bought another sweater top to go with it :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How is it Wednesday already??

I changed Mallory's school schedule, so I need time to get used to this new routine!  With kids so young, you wouldn't think we'd have that much "extra" stuff going on, but Brady is doing karate Monday and Tuesday, has baseball practice Wednesday, and a game on Sunday (although they've both been rained out so far).  Bryan informed me that they are having a scrimmage tomorrow, so the night I was looking forward to - everyone sitting down to dinner together, is not going to be.

I picked up Drew's batman costume from the alterations place today - he looks super cute, and he is excited about it!  Brady's joker costume came in the other day, and he's thrilled with it, too.  Just a little more work on Mallory's and we will be good to go!

My dilemma this week has been Brady's birthday party.  I was planning on having it at a local park but have been told it is basically booked for the month of October.  So, now I am scrambling around trying to figure out what the best alternative is.  I think I found my second choice today, but I called three times and no one would answer the phone.  What is it about the parks dept?  How can they be so busy that they can't answer the phone or call anyone back... seriously?!  I started calling about my first choice last Wednesday and couldn't get anyone until yesterday, which is totally ridiculous.  After that, you can imagine my displeasure in finding out it was booked!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

August layout

I have to laugh because as I was signing in to post my August layout, I saw that Karen posted hers a few hours ago...  of course, I literally just finished mine, she might have had hers done for a while and just now got around to posting it.

As usual, I based the layout on a Project 12 sketch, but I ended up using the September sketch... the August sketch had owls (love it!), so I wanted to save it for September ;)

The one thing I wish I could have done was journal on the computer instead of using my own handwriting.  My old printer was better for that - has to do with the way the paper feeds in.  I did not have an entire sheet of pink paper to use, so it pretty much forced me to do the journaling by hand.  Not a big issue, but I would have preferred to pick a pretty font.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Holy cow, Batman!

We've made some progress on our Halloween costumes.  I ordered Brady's joker costume - it should get here sometime this week.  I also took Drew with me to the tailor, and she is doing some alterations to Brady's batman costume so that Drew can wear it.  I think I already mentioned finding Mallory a black leotard, but I think my biggest find was this cat mask and tail set.  I got it at Walmart for $5 - can't beat that!  Mallory actually tried on the mask in the store and wore it for 5 minutes or so.  She put the tail on a few times at the house, so I'm hopeful she is actually going to look like catwoman come Halloween :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


Last night, I took Brady back to school for the PTA meeting to receive his character trait award.  This is the second year he has been chosen as a student that exemplifies the character trait respect (two students from each class are chosen).  I often find myself thinking... it must be nice to be Brady!  He is well-liked (by adults and kids), has no trouble at school (either with the work or staying out of trouble), and seems to do pretty well at whatever sport he tries.  If only we could all be so lucky...  Of course, I am very thankful to be his mommy and feel very fortunate that he IS the way he is!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Made two awesome purchases today at the local consignment store - a black leotard and a Dora talking dollhouse.  All for a grand total of $16!  I thought the dollhouse was pretty cool, especially when I realized it had some recorded phrases in Dora's voice.  I decided I was going to buy it for Mallory for Christmas, and when I asked how much, I was quite surprised it was only $10.  The leotard was probably the more exciting purchase, though....LOL.  I asked Mallory to try it on, to which she said no.  No surprise there! However, with a candy bribe, she willingly tried it on.  When I tried to take it back off, she said no to that, too.  So, we wore it for a good portion of the day.  This leotard is going to turn into her catwoman halloween costume, so I certainly didn't want to discourage her wearing it!  When we were putting it on, I told her it was just like a bathing suit, so that's what she is calling it :)  It will be interesting to see what she thinks once the tail is hanging off the back...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sports Weekend

We've got some fun stuff to do this weekend!  Saturday, Bryan and his dad are taking the boys to the Astros game.  My dad called and said he had an extra ticket to the Aggie game Saturday night, so I will be going to that :)  Brady always gets to go to a game, but whether Bryan and I will go is less certain...lol.

Brady's first baseball game is scheduled for Sunday.  However, it is raining as I type, so we will see what condition the fields are in.  They have been closed for a few days because of standing water, so I need to prepare him for the possibility of no game.  The good news is that he is invited to a birthday party that afternoon, so that would be a fun alternative if the game is cancelled.


Picked this outfit up at Target - love it!  My hairdresser said she looked like Madonna...lol.  Perhaps if Mallory refuses to wear her Halloween costume, we will add a side ponytail, some blue eyeshadow and call her an 80's girl!

I ran over to Kohl's last night - this outfit is so NOT something we need, but they make it hard to resist when everything is on sale AND I have a coupon!  I almost bought one for my niece Reagan, too (a birthday girl version), but I decided against it since I already got her a dress off etsy :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I accomplished this weekend...

We had an uneventful holiday weekend.  I took care of things around the house like laundry, cleaning, and going grocery shopping.  Bryan dealt with the yard.  But, we did squeeze in a few fun things.  We took the kids to the pool one evening, and I took the boys to the movies on Sunday.  Bryan took Brady to the batting cages yesterday - his first time.  I was a little anxious about him playing machine pitch because I recently talked with a mom whose son played last spring, and she was telling me that at the beginning of the season, the kids were all upset because they couldn't hit the ball.  However, they did get the swing of it as the season went on.   Brady was also a little anxious, simply because it's something he's never done before.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Brady did well in the cage yesterday.  I asked him if going made him feel more comfortable and he said he felt a lot better about starting the season now :)

I got a few layouts done this weekend, too. I've been staying up way too late!

Some summer fun!

I tried to use stickles (glitter) in moderation - it's hard!

The first days of school

A better look at the title

Friday, September 3, 2010

Halloween saga

I'm sure I've mentioned previously that we are already planning for Halloween. Many of you also know that I had my heart set on Mallory wearing this cute flapper dress I've had in her closet since last year. Problem is, she REFUSES to wear it! No idea why, but after several weeks of trying to convince her (including making a fake picture of her wearing it), I am giving in. So, we have been brainstorming to come up with a theme that is acceptable to both me and the boys. We pondered knights and a princess, ghostbusters and a ghost, magicians and a bunny, and the boys have talked Star Wars and Indiana Jones - I was not a fan of either because of limited choices for Mallory. In the end, we have decided on a Batman theme. It's not my first choice, but I am going with it because the boys are excited about it, and at least we will all "go" together.

I suggested to Drew that he could be Batman and his face lit up. He would never have come up with Batman himself because he is used to being Brady's sidekick...lol. But, after dressing up as Robin around the house for the last two years, he was excited about the prospect of being Batman instead :) For Brady, I suggested the Joker. He always likes the bad guys better, so I knew he would probably love the idea. Once I showed him the costume and told him we could paint his face, he was in! For Mallory, I am debating between Batgirl and Catwoman. There is a Batgirl toddler costume available - it is definitely cute, but Kayla wore it a couple years back, so I'm leaning towards Catwoman instead. I'm thinking about having some type of leotard (with a tail) and gloves made - she could also wear black tights (fishnet?), cat ears, and probably the eyepiece that goes with Drew's Robin costume. My only hesitation here is... what if I have something made and she won't wear it?? On the other hand, she may not want to wear a pre-made costume either - I really have no way of knowing. I'm open to suggestions, so let me know if you have any!