Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mallory a.k.a The Couch Potato

I remember wondering this summer if Mallory would ever be able to go with us to the movies and make it the whole way through.  By the age of 2, both Brady and Drew could go to the movie theater and make it pretty much the whole way through - with snacks, of course.  Mallory, on the other hand, could make it about ten minutes through a t.v. show before getting up and finding something else to do. 

Fast forward a couple months and suddenly she has turned into a t.v. junkie.  She will ask to watch a Dora movie, and once I put the movie in, I will not see her again until it's over (which is generally an hour and a half).  Then, when it's over, she will ask for another!  She does like to watch other things, but Dora is definitely her favorite.   I don't know what happened, but it was literally overnight - one day she couldn't be bothered to sit down and watch anything, then the next day she can't be bothered to do anything else! lol

Another few interesting things about Mallory at this age -

* she currently calls me "Mommy Mia" - she heard it on one of our Mario wii games I think (at least that's what Brady told me)

* when I tell her I love her, she says "I'm not taking a nap right now!"

* she knows the names of her classmates and calls them out when they arrive at school. "Courtney! Tracy! Evan!" I find this interesting because I know that even last year (when he was three), Drew didn't know all the names of the kids in his class.

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