Friday, January 28, 2011

Mallory's big girl room

With Mallory turning three this summer, I've been thinking about a theme for her big girl room.  I don't plan to move her out of the crib before her birthday, but the actual decorating of the room doesn't necessarily have to coincide with that.  The more I think about it, the more I think it would be best if I got most of it done before the kids are out for the summer.  It may not get me a lot of additional "work" time, but it definitely gives me the freedom to go out and get painting supplies, shop for accessories, etc.

Owls are really popular right now, and was a theme that came to me right away.  When I went to Target the other day and saw their collection, that cinched it for me.  It's cute and inexpensive... what more can you ask for?  What I'm looking for more than anything is inspiration for painting the room.  

Here is the rug from their love & nature collection. I'm not keeping the rug, but I took a picture thinking I might paint a similar tree.

Looking around on etsy (seller is wallartdesign), I found this tree. Even better!  I have no intention of buying a vinyl tree, but this is something I can do with paint.  I also have a set of wall decals that includes a few owls, some flowers, a couple birds, etc.  Between the two, I think I can come pretty close to this :)
Of course, I had Bryan moving around some of the furniture in Mallory's room last night.  I need to know where the furniture is going to go to make decisions about where I'm going to paint and what other things I might want to buy!  I would also like Bryan's mom to make a quilt for Mallory's bed. So, the more advance notice, the better!

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