Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black Belt by Chelle's Creations
Cindy Schneider template from Set 17

Brady was SO excited about getting his gold belt.  He and another little girl were the only ones to test at this time, so he was pretty pumped!  The week from the time he took his test until he received his belt seemed like forever to him.  The whole family made it up there to see him get his belt, and Brady was grinning from ear to ear.  I think he even got Mr. Carter excited with his enthusiasm!  (layout journaling)        

Bye bye pacis!

Mallory has been down to her last pacifier for a few weeks now.  Then, last Sunday, she bit a hole in it.  She held onto it for most of the week, but by Wednesday or Thursday, she really wasn't trying to suck on it anymore - she knew better.  So, yesterday we had her throw it in the trash.  She hasn't slept that well this week - I think the paci is partly to blame, but also she has had a bad cough.  However, the cough is getting better, and she is still having trouble going to sleep.  I attribute that to the missing paci :(  The only naps she has had are the two she took at school, where she has been sleeping without her paci for a while now.  The four I tried at home were a waste of time!  Of course, her not wanting to take a nap has been a problem for a long time now, the missing paci just exacerbates the situation...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sea World San Antonio

I was not looking forward to working on this layout, mainly because I didn't have any ideas of where I wanted to go with it.  I decided to post in the forum of my favorite digital store, asking to see what anyone else might have done.  Some ladies posted their layouts, and a few made kit suggestions... one of which I ended up using.  So, needless to say, I was happy I did that - I went from no motivation to looking forward to working on it :)  I stayed up way too late two nights in a row to get it done.  The template I used has SO MANY layers that it was pretty timing consuming, but worth it because I'm very happy with the end result!

Beach Kids by Lliella designs; template from Cindy's PlusSet2

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bryan's out of town this week on business, and I would say it became apparent tonight that everyone is ready for him to come home.  We've been keeping busy, but the kids were noncompliant and/or cranky this evening, so I'm glad tomorrow is already Thursday :)  It doesn't help that Mallory has been fighting a cough and isn't sleeping that well.  At least she has been more cooperative about the breathing treatments, though.

Another quick pic of Mallory - her latest thing is to take some of her friends and have me buckle them in with her into the car seat.  This is fine (in theory!) unless she takes one of them out while we are driving and then can't get them back where she wants them... let's just say it's not too pleasant to be in the car with her at that point. lol  Of course, we all know that if it wasn't that, it would just be something else... gotta love two year olds!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Finishing up 2010...

I worked on a couple layouts this weekend for 2010 - ones that I have been putting off because I wanted to do them "traditionally," as I have been doing my scrapping on the computer lately.  This one is from Thanksgiving week, when Bryan and the boys went camping with Uncle Scott, Grandpa, and their cousins.

 The color is definitely washed out in this first pic, it looks 
better in the second.

When I first started scrapping Thanksgiving week, I realized pretty quickly that I needed to do something other than just my regular 12x12 layouts - I had too many good pictures that I wanted to use.  So, I settled on making a 4x6 album with all my pics so I could just choose a few good ones for my regular family scrapbook.  Here are a few examples from the smaller album:

I bought a pre-made digital album from Melissa Bennett, and just added my pics :) 
Super easy and inexpensive to print! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

 When Brady brought this home, I knew it needed to be scrapped!

I used Julie Billingsley's Smitten kit for both layouts.
 "I love you" was made with Cindy Schneider's XOXO template.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shabby Shoppe's Project Scrap 2011

Similar to the project 12 sketches I used last year, the Shabby Shoppe is offering a free template each month in 2011 to help fellow scrappers stay up to date :)  The goal is to take a minimum of 2 pictures per week, and then scrap them at the end of the month using the template they provide.  I looked at the sketches from both blogs and decided that I would go with the Shabby Shoppe's for January.  They provided a spot for one large photo on the left page, whereas the second page is an opportunity to use many of your photos.  I opted to do two photos on the left and document our friends' move to Saint Louis this month.  On the right, I chose a few photos and then filled in some of the other spaces with paper and journaling.  I chose to use the Silly Boy Cuddlebug kit, but I must say that there isn't much to it!  I like the papers in it, but there are very few elements so I did struggle a bit. Overall, though, I like the way they turned out - the pictures are truly the focus!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Found this shirt on etsy, then had
the skirt and bows made to 
match...  so cute!!

Pink milk for dinner :)

Heart shaped pizzas

I found a Harry Potter shirt and wand for Brady.
Of course, they make nothing in Drew's size, so
I got him an accessory set with the wand and glasses.

Enjoying her m&m's!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Enjoying his Valentine's party at school


Bryan was gone pretty much all day yesterday, so
we decided to work on some cookies.  Drew and 
Brady helped cut and ice the cookies, 
while Mallory did the sprinkles. 

Showing off her new quilt

Giving Daddy the special cookie they made him 

My flowers :) I bet they will look
even better tomorrow, but I 
didn't want to forget to take a picture!

Bryan and I had a few hours to ourselves today while Mary watched the kiddos.  We went to brunch and did a little shopping.  Tonight, Brady asked me when he would get his Valentine's present tomorrow.  I said, "What makes you so sure you are getting something?"  His reply, "Well, I get something every year!"  Like, duh!  Where have you been??  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I realize there are no pics of the boys on here... there weren't any good ones :( I used the best pics
of Mallory and the animals and had plans to do a second page with a couple pics of Brady and Drew,
plus one of Mallory with Bryan.  But, when I started that page, it became obvious that I was only
doing it to "include" them, not because I thought the pictures should be scrapped.  So, I decided to just
stick with my original page... Incidentally, I only added the black outline to this layout to post it.  Because I left the background white (which I really struggled with!), it looked funny without 
something defining the outside edges.  I love this kit by Meghan Mullens (Wild About You) and hope to use it again soon!  I'm already thinking of asking Karen for a pic or two of Kate wearing 
her zebra outfit... LOL.

FYI - I also used this template by Julie Billingsley:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We took the kids to the zoo on Sunday - seemed like the right thing to do since the weather was finally nice again!  We even stopped at Shipley's on the way out, so that we could just eat a snack at the zoo.  Maybe one day I'll be motivated enough to pack a lunch like other moms I see there... perhaps once Drew eats something other than crackers. LOL

Checking out the meerkats

Posing for Mommy

I took a picture of Drew and Brady with the komodo dragon
in this display.  Mallory then asked for a pic with the
waterfall... it's hard to see through the glass with
all the condensation, but who am I to argue?


Checking out the primates

Mallory was all about petting the animals.  She went
from one goat to the next, petting as many as she could!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I knew when I was working on this layout, it wasn't going to be one of my favorites.  That's o.k., though, they all can't be :)  Once I posted it, though, I liked it less and less each time I saw it on the screen.  As I was reading my latest post tonight, it dawned on me that the blue background was what was bothering me the most.  White seemed the logical choice as a replacement.  I did that, and it was better. But, then I thought, I bet notebook paper would be even better!  That led to me changing the journaling... in the end, though, I'm much happier with it after about another ten minutes of work.  

The original

Look at me - kit by Misty Cato
template by Cindy Schneider - Former freebies set #2
Both from sweetshoppedesigns, as usual!

My "revised" layout

Craft time

Yesterday afternoon, Brady and Bryan decided to open up another one of the woodworking kits that Brady got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa.  To say these things are NOT well made is an understatement!  After some major help from Bryan and extra tools, they got the airplane put together.  After dinner, it was time to paint.  Not surprisingly, Drew then decided he needed to paint.  And, if Brady and Drew are painting, guess who else needs to paint, too?  Actually, of all three kiddos, Mallory sat and painted the longest :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mallory's quilt

These pics aren't the greatest - I took them last night without any natural light... but, you get the idea!  I actually didn't expect to find any owl material that would "go" with what I've already purchsed, so I was happy to find this:
I esp. love it because it gives me more animals to paint!
Aren't the foxes too cute?

The pattern I've chosen starts with 9 squares - I'm
choosing to use 9 different fabrics (at least that's
the current plan)

After sewing them together into one big square, cutting
that square into four and rotating two of the remaining 
squares, here is what you get.
Not sure why, but I LOVE the green damask!  I only
bought enough fabric to try this with 4 inch squares, but
the quilt will actually have squares closer to 8 inches wide. 
This will allow more of the pattern on the animal print and 
damask to be visible.

Mallory's owl pillows with the fabrics - pretty good, right?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Household update!

Took Mallory to the doctor this morning... her eyes have been red the past two days, and I was afraid they would turn her away at school tomorrow if I didn't get them checked out.  Of course, the doctor thinks it's probably viral, but gave me a prescription for eye drops anyway.  Apparently, if she did have a bacterial infection, it spreads like wildfire, so it's better to be safe than sorry.  Sounds great, EXCEPT that I have to figure out how to get those stupid drops in her eyes! lol  At least when she was doing ear drops, she couldn't close her ears!

Brady had his first baseball practice last night.  His practices are at 7:30 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays - certainly not the greatest of times OR days, but I think he's got a great coach, so that should make up for it. He spent some time with the parents telling us the rules in this particular division and went over some of the fundamentals he is teaching the kids.  I hope that Brady will learn a lot from him.  It's good for Bryan, too, because the coach already has four other guys helping him.  Bryan is always willing to help out, but he will be traveling quite a bit during the season, so it's good that they don't need him this time around.  Oh, the other great thing is that Brady is playing with two other kids he's been on teams with before - one of which lives directly across the street!  That will definitely be helpful on those practice nights where Bryan is gone, and I'm not thrilled over picking up Brady from practice so late at night when Drew and Mallory should be in bed.

I've been sticking to my 2011 goals - drinking less coke, more water, eating less, and exercising more.  I've only weighed myself twice, and I didn't like what it said the second time around.  Maybe this Friday will be more what I'm expecting... I learned early on with Weight Watchers that it often doesn't say what we want or expect, so I don't worry about it too much. But, certainly, if I'm putting in some effort, it would be nice to notice it on the scale!