Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bryan's out of town this week on business, and I would say it became apparent tonight that everyone is ready for him to come home.  We've been keeping busy, but the kids were noncompliant and/or cranky this evening, so I'm glad tomorrow is already Thursday :)  It doesn't help that Mallory has been fighting a cough and isn't sleeping that well.  At least she has been more cooperative about the breathing treatments, though.

Another quick pic of Mallory - her latest thing is to take some of her friends and have me buckle them in with her into the car seat.  This is fine (in theory!) unless she takes one of them out while we are driving and then can't get them back where she wants them... let's just say it's not too pleasant to be in the car with her at that point. lol  Of course, we all know that if it wasn't that, it would just be something else... gotta love two year olds!

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