Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Enjoying his Valentine's party at school


Bryan was gone pretty much all day yesterday, so
we decided to work on some cookies.  Drew and 
Brady helped cut and ice the cookies, 
while Mallory did the sprinkles. 

Showing off her new quilt

Giving Daddy the special cookie they made him 

My flowers :) I bet they will look
even better tomorrow, but I 
didn't want to forget to take a picture!

Bryan and I had a few hours to ourselves today while Mary watched the kiddos.  We went to brunch and did a little shopping.  Tonight, Brady asked me when he would get his Valentine's present tomorrow.  I said, "What makes you so sure you are getting something?"  His reply, "Well, I get something every year!"  Like, duh!  Where have you been??  

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