Monday, February 21, 2011

Finishing up 2010...

I worked on a couple layouts this weekend for 2010 - ones that I have been putting off because I wanted to do them "traditionally," as I have been doing my scrapping on the computer lately.  This one is from Thanksgiving week, when Bryan and the boys went camping with Uncle Scott, Grandpa, and their cousins.

 The color is definitely washed out in this first pic, it looks 
better in the second.

When I first started scrapping Thanksgiving week, I realized pretty quickly that I needed to do something other than just my regular 12x12 layouts - I had too many good pictures that I wanted to use.  So, I settled on making a 4x6 album with all my pics so I could just choose a few good ones for my regular family scrapbook.  Here are a few examples from the smaller album:

I bought a pre-made digital album from Melissa Bennett, and just added my pics :) 
Super easy and inexpensive to print! 

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